NCAA Wrestling Championships Live Blog - Night Session

OMAHA - Good morning from the 2010 NCAA Championships from the Qwest Center in Omaha, Neb. Penn has six wrestlers competing today in the first round, which begins shortly. Penn Athletics will be live throughout the day with updates after each Penn match and other news and info from the tournament.

Live coverage of the first day of the NCAA Championships can be found here for Session I and here for Session II tonight. In addition you can follow penngrappling on Twitter for more updates.

For a preview of the tournament, click here. USA Wrestling sat down with Cesar Grajales and Rob Eiter yesterday and those videos can be found here (Cesar) and here (Rob).

We will be back after Penn's first match, featuring Bryan Ortenzio. Updates will be at the bottom of the page.

11:46 a.m. - Bryan Ortenzio was defeated by #8 Tyler Graff of Wisconsin, 16-6, in their first round match. Ortenzio was in on ties and shots, but Graff had an answer every time, with four of his seven takedowns coming off counters to Ortenzio moves. Bryan will move to the consolation bracket where he will meet Purdue's Akif Eren, a junior with a 24-14 record.

12:05 p.m. - Zack Kemmerer gave up late backpoints to CSU-Bakersfield's Elijah Nacita, 4-2. Kemmerer scored the only takedown of the match at 2:36, securing a leg on his hip and working the trip. In the second, Kemmerer was down and Nacita went for a full ride but couldn't score points. In the third, Nacita was again in top position, looking for backpoints to take the lead. Late in the period, Nacita had a riding time point secured, but still hadn't worked the tilt. With ten seconds to go, Nacita got Kemmerer in bad position and rolled him to his back for three nearfall points at 6:58 for the win. Kemmerer moves to wrestlebacks and will meet Missouri's Todd Schavrien. The two met previously this year, with Schavrien winning, 4-2, in the final of the Nittany Lion Open.

12:40 p.m. - Cesar Grajales gave #3 Kyle Terry of Oklahoma all he could handle, but couldn't get the win. Terry advances with a 6-3 decision. Grajales scored first, with a takedown at 1:26. Grajales shot low and was able to dump Terry to the ground for the 2-0 lead. Terry escaped off a restart at 1:49 and then added a takedown at 2:53, shooting to Grajales' right leg and tripping Grajales down at the end of the period. In the second, Terry escaped quickly at 3:02 for the only points. In the third period, starting from bottom position, Grajales worked his escape at 5:50 to climb within one. The two went to a stalemate at 6:36 on the edge of the mat and worked out of bounds with nine seconds left for one more restart. Grajales needed the takedown for the win and went all out, but Terry countered for a takedown of his own at the buzzer for the three-point win.

2:00 p.m. - Scott Giffin was downed by #2 Jay Borschel of Iowa, 6-1 at 174 pounds. Giffin was active all match, getting in on shots but had trouble finishing. At 1:57, Borschel worked a headlock to score the first points of the match. In the second period, Giffin escaped at 3:43 to close the gap. Twice more late in the period Giffin came close to the takedown, but Borschel was able to defend. In the third period, Borschel got out quickly. At 6:00, it appeared as if Giffin had a takedown, setting Borschel to his backside and looking to have control. However, the points were not awarded and after the tough scramble, Borschel slipped back for a late takedown.

At 165, Gabriel Burak was defeated by Maryland's Josh Asper, 5-1. Asper scored first with a takedown at 0:55 after a good scramble saw Asper get Burak off his feet for the score. In the second, Asper reversed at 3:33, standing up and slipping out from under Burak for the reversal. Burak was able to escape but that was it for the period. In the third, Asper put together a full ride from top position, getting to 3:45 of riding time.

2:27 p.m. - Micah Burak with Penn's first win, downing Buffalo's James Hamel, 6-5, in a second tiebreaker. Hamel was on the board quickly, with a takedown in the opening seconds. He couldn't keep Burak down and he escaped quickly. In the second, Hamel started down and escaped at 3:03. Burak came back with a takedown at 4:38, shooting quickly to the ankle. Hamel escaped at 4:51 to take a 4-3 lead into the third. Burak chose bottom for the third and was out at 5:02. Neither man scored the rest of the period to send the bout to overtime. In first sudden victory, Burak had the best shot halfway through, but couldn't finish. In the first tiebreaker, Hamel escaped with eight seconds left to take a 5-4 lead. Burak came back with an escape just two seconds into the next period to tie the bout again. In the second period of sudden victory, Burak had a grasp of Hamel's left leg halfway through, but Hamel slipped out. Hamel came in at the end of the period but time ran out before anything could happen. Burak was down for the first part of the second tiebreaker and escaped 18 seconds in to take his first lead of the match. Burak then held on in the next period, riding Hamel tough for the first 25 seconds, and getting a restart. Hamel tried to sit out on the restart, but couldn't escape. Burak will once again meet Cam Simaz in the next round. The two have met three times this year, and the Cornell grappler has won all three by a combined five points.

That is it for now. We will be back at 6:30 p.m. CST for the second round.

5:35 p.m. - Penn is back at the Qwest Center preparing for Session II of the 2010 NCAA Championships. The first session was a difficult one for the Quakers, with only one win in six matches. However, the Red and Blue have a chance to bounce back quickly with wins tonight to stay alive. The highlight of course for Penn in the afternoon was Micah Burak winning a grinding, 6-5, decision in a second tiebreaker over James Hamel of Buffalo. Burak advances to the second round where he will meet familiar foe Cam Simaz of Cornell. The fourth seed at 197 pounds, Simaz defeated South Dakota State's Tyler Sorenson, 15-7, in the first round. Burak and Simaz have met three times already this season - all wins for Simaz. However, the matches have been as close as possible, with Simaz' wins coming by just a combined five points. Two weeks ago at the EIWA Championships, Simaz pulled out a 3-1 win via a takedown at the opening whistle. No doubt Burak will remember that match and be ready at the start this time.

Other matchups for Penn tonight:

133 - Bryan Ortenzio vs. Akif Eren (Purdue) Note: Eren is 13-13 with a brutal schedule in the Big 10 featuring four of the top eight in the country.

141 - Zack Kemmerer vs. Todd Schavrien (Missouri) Note: Schavrien defeated Kemmerer, 4-2, this year at the Nittany Lion Open

149 - Cesar Grajales vs. Michael Kessler (Rider) Note: Kessler defeated Penn's Troy Hernandez, 6-2, this year at the dual.

165 - Gabriel Burak vs. #3 Nick Marable (Missouri) Note: Marable is a two-time All-American who lost 4-1 in the first round.

8:23 p.m. - Micah Burak was eliminated from the championship round by Cornell's Cam Simaz, 12-4. Simaz was in control most of the bout with five takedowns and 2:25 of riding time for the win. The first score came at 1:06 as Simaz countered a Burak shot with a low-ankle grab. Burak escaped at 1:26, but a Simaz takedown at the edge at 2:22 gave Simaz a 4-1 lead after one. The second period only saw one point, an escape for Simaz. In the third, Simaz played take down and cut three times to break open the bout. Burak will wrestle tomorrow morning against either Ohio State's Cody Magrum or Campbell's Parker Burns who will wrestle later tonight.

Consolation matches are starting as well. Penn will have five bouts in the wrestlebacks tonight starting with Bryan Ortenzio.

8:49 - Bryan Ortenzio picks up his first NCAA Championships win with a 4-2 decision over Akif Eren of Purdue. Ortenzio scored a takedown at 1:20 to take a 2-0 lead and rode Eren out for a huge 1:40 riding time advantage after one. In the second period, Ortenzio escaped at 3:08. In the third, Eren managed a reversal at 6:05, but he couldn't work backpoints and Ortenzio's 1:47 of advantage time gave him the win. He moves on to wrestle William Ashnault of Rutgers tomorrow morning. Ortenzio defeated Ashnault, 2-0, at the EIWA Championships two weeks ago.

9:09 p.m. - Cesar Grajales gets a win in his final NCAA Championships, defeating Rider's Michael Kessler, 6-3. After a scoreless first period, Kessler took the lead with an escape at 3:25. Grajales countered with a takedown at 3:57, shugging aside a Kessler shot and scoring with a go-behind. Kessler escaped quickly after the takedown to send the match to the third tied. In the third, Grajales escaped at 5:05 to take the lead. At 5:57, Grajales scored another takedown, this time on the edge of the mat after finally gaining enough control to get the signal from the ref. Kessler got out at 6:38, but that was all and Grajales moves on in the consolation rounds. His opponent tomorrow morning will be Bucknell's Kevin LeValley, the ninth seed in the tournament who was defeated in the second round. Last year at the EIWA Championships, Grajales defeated LeValley, 4-2.

Zack Kemmerer was eliminated from the NCAA Championships after a 13-9 loss to Missouri's Todd Schavrien. In the first period, Schavrien scored three takedown to take a 6-2 lead. The second period saw Schavrien add two more takedowns, bringing a 10-5 lead into the third. In the third period, Kemmerer mounted a rally, with two takedowns. It wasn't enough and no backpoints were scored, ending Kemmerer's tournament.

9:50 p.m. - Scott Giffin battled through a tough early going against Cal Poly's Ryan DesRoches for an 11-4 win to move on in the consolation bracket. After DesRoches scored a takedown in the second to tie the match 4-4, Giffin exploded in the third for the win. After escaping at 5:31 to take a 5-4 lead, Giffin put together a five-point move with a takedown to a cradle at 5:59. Giffin worked for the fall, but settled for the big move and a spot in the next round.

At 165, Gabriel Burak was defeated by #3 Nick Marable of Missouri, 16-3, and is knocked out of the tournament.

A full recap of today's action will follow shortly.