No. 10 Heavyweight Rowing Ready for Blackwell Cup

PHILADELPHIA – No. 10 Penn heads to Connecticut this weekend to row for the Blackwell Cup with No. 4 Yale and No. 14 Columbia. Rowing begins at 9 a.m. on Saturday on the Housatonic River with the Varsity Eight for the Blackwell Cup up first.

Yale has claimed the last four Blackwell Cup races and nine of the last 11. The Quakers have not won the Blackwell Cup since 2002 – the final win in a four-year streak for the Red and Blue.

First contested in 1927, the Blackwell Cup is named for George Engs Blackwell, an 1880 graduate of Columbia. The race has been run every year except from 1944-47 and Yale has the overall lead with 43 wins to 34 for Penn and five for Columbia.

The Quakers will be rowing with a Top-Five program for the third consecutive race after defeating No. 2 Northeastern the last weekend of March and finishing second to No. 4 Princeton last weekend.

Last year in the Blackwell Cup, No. 16 Penn was third to No. 8 Yale and No. 9 Columbia, finishing 1.5 seconds behind the Lions. Penn’s First Frosh boat was victorious in its race, knocking off the Third Varsity from Yale by 0.7 seconds.

Schedule for the Blackwell Cup
9 a.m. – Varsity Eight
9:40 a.m. – Second Varsity
10:20 a.m. – Third Varsity

10:40 a.m. – Fourth Varsity

Penn Boatings

Varsity Eight:
Cox: Louis Lombardi
Stroke: Dara Alizadeh
7: Joseph Simon
6: Harry Holroyd
5: Zachary Bandes
4: Peter St. Michael
3: Kevin McHale
2: Joseph Mack
Bow: Robert Wallace

Second Varsity Eight:
Cox: Jacob Mendelson
Stroke: Conor Davenport
7: Jonathan Hennessy
6: Jeffrey Schimmel
5: Chris Matyjek
4: Matt Slodden
3: Matthew Wagener
2: Colin Kane
1: Eric Sezgen

Third Varsity Eight:
Cox: Eric Kim
Stroke: Alex Schade
7: Kevin Kelly
6: Jeremy Wright
5: Chet Heldman
4: Bradford Taylor
3: Sean Forester
2: Daniel Kennedy-Moore
Bow: Michael Rudow

Fourth Varsity Eight
Cox: Matt Harris
Stroke: Samuel Shepherd
7: Sean O’Dowd
6: Jakub Dziedzic
5: Leonard Kaminski
4: Diego Fiori
3: Harrison Thayer
2: Sean Hartman
1: Frederick LaViolette