No. 13 Heavyweights Row in the Adams Cup Saturday

PHILADELPHIA – The 13th-ranked University of Pennsylvania heavyweight rowing team takes on No. 3 Harvard and No. 9 Navy in the Adams Cup, this Saturday, on the Schuylkill River.

The Quakers are coming off a third-place finish in the Blackwell Cup last Saturday finishing behind No. 4 Yale, and No. 14 Columbia. The Red and Blue finished just one second behind the Lions.

Penn will be looking for its 17th Adams Cup win, its last coming, in 1999. Harvard has won the previous 13-straight races, winning the 2013 edition in 5:39.7, just under eight seconds ahead of the Quakers.

The Quakers will be rowing with a Top-Five program for the fourth consecutive race after defeating No. 2 Northeastern the last weekend of March, finishing second to No. 4 Princeton two weekends ago, and finishing third behind No. 4 Yale.

Adams Cup Race Schedule:
9:00am - 2nd Frosh Eights
9:30am - 3rd Varsity Eights
10:00am - Frosh Eights
10:30am - 2nd Varsity Eights
10:50am - Varsity Eights (Adams Cup)

Varsity Eight
Cox: Lombardi
Stroke: Alizadeh
7: McHale
6: St. Michael
5: Bandes
4: Holroyd
3: Simon
2: Mack
Bow: Wallace

Second Varsity Eight
Cox: Mendelson
Stroke: Davenport
7: Hennessy
6: Schimmel
5: Matyjek
4: Slodden
3: Wagener
2: Sezgen
Bow: Kane

Third Varsity Eight
Cox: Kim
Stroke: Shepherd
7: Schade
6: Censits
5: Kaminski
4: Fiori
3: Dziedzic
2: Sawey
Bow: Kelly, A.

Freshman Eight
Cox: Harris
Stroke: Kelly, K.
7: Wright
6: Heldman
5: Taylor
4: Forester
3: O’Dowd
2: Rudow
Bow: DKM

Second Freshman Eight
Cox: Hochman
Stroke: Thayer
7: Feest
6: LaViolette
5: Hartman
4: Marquardt
3: Bock
2: Altland
1: Speidel