No. 2 Women's Squash Defeats No. 5 Trinity, 7-2

HARTFORD, Conn.- The Penn women's squash team defeated Trinity Saturday, 7-2, to improve to 8-0. The No. 2 team in the nation traveled to Hartford to face the No. 5 Bantams of Trinity and earned an important road victory on their quest for a championship seaosn.

Lauralynn Drury and Christina Matthias gave the Quakers an early 2-1 lead. Drury won at No. 9, 3-0, while Matthias took her match at No. 6 3-2. Sydney Scott fell at No. 3, though, 3-0.

In the next round of matches, Emily Goodwin won at No. 8, 3-0, and Alisha Turner was victorious at the No. 2 position, 3-2. However, Britt Hebden fell at No. 5, so the Quakers were unable to clinch victory just yet.

That came soon enough, though, as No. 7 Annie Madeira and No. 4 Tara Chawla won 3-1 decisions to give the Quakers a 6-2 lead with No. 1 Kristen Lange still on the court. Lange made the Quakers' victory all the more convincing when she took a 3-1 decision of her own to give the team a 7-2 victory.

The win improves the Quakers to 8-0 and sets up a match on Wednesday at Ringe Courts with current-No. 1 ranked Princeton. The match, which is expected to draw well due to the rivalry that has built up between the two highly-ranked teams, will begin at 7 p.m.

1. Kristen Lange def. Lauren Polinich 3-1

2. Alisha Turner def. Ashley Clackson 3-2

3. Tehani Guruge def. Sydney Scott 3-0

4. Tara Chawla def. Joanne Jee 3-1

5. Nayelli Hernandez def. Britt Hebden 3-0

6. Christina Matthias def. Emory Holton 3-2

7. Annie Madeira def. Emily Paton 3-1

8. Emily Goodwin def. Kim Palterman 3-0

9. Lauralynn Drury def. Julia Rosenthawl 3-0

10. Elizabeth Kern def. Hadley Schroll 3-1