No. 4 Quakers drop Opening Match at Howe Cup to No. 5 Princeton 7-2

Princeton, N.J. - When the Quakers traveled to Princeton just three weeks ago, they got down in the match 4-1 right out of the gate, but managed to recover and secure the 5-4 win. Friday afternoon at the Howe Cup, Princeton jumped out to a 4-0 lead and this time the Quakers just could not recover from the early deficit as they fell to the host Princeton 7-2 in the opening round of the Howe Cup.

The Quakers lone victories came from the two players who have yet to drop a match this entire season. Yarden Odinak, playing at number four, did not drop a game on the way to her sweep. Classmate Pia Trikha, playing at number five, had a slightly more difficult time, but managed to keep her season alive with the five-game victory. Both Odinak and Trikha are now 12-0 individually on the season.

Both the matches at four and five went the exact same way as they had in the previous meeting. Princeton turned the tables on Penn with victories at number one and three, which were the exact same matchups that the Tigers had dropped in the previous contest. From the match before, Penn switched their players at number six and seven, while Princeton remained the same. The Quakers earned a split of these two matches prior, but dropped both matches today. Courtney Jones, who moved up in the ladder from the previous match, put up a good fight, but would be denied the victory in her fifth-game.

The Quakers will now play No. 8 Dartmouth, who fell 9-0 against top-ranked Yale in the evening match. They will take to the courts at 2 p.m. for their consolation matchup. Princeton will take on Harvard for its semi-final match tomorrow at 2 p.m.

In other action today at the Howe Cup, No. 2 Harvard and No. 3 Trinity both advanced into the semi-finals tomorrow. No. 6 Stanford and No. 7 Cornell will now follow Penn into the consolation bracket. The consolation match between Stanford and Cornell will take place at 10 a.m. and the Semi-final match between Stanford and Trinity will take place at 11:30 a.m.

Full Results

No. 5 Princeton 7 No. 4 Penn 2

No. 1: No. 6 Julie Cerullo (Prin) def. Nabilla Ariffin (Penn) (3-1)
No. 2: No. 12 Jackie Moss (Prin) def. No. 18 Rachael Goh (Penn) (3-0)
No. 3: No. 21 Elizabeth Eyre (Prin) def. No. 28 Annie Madeira (Penn) (3-1)
No. 4: No. 20 Yarden Odinak (Penn) def. No. 47 Alexis Saunders (Prin) (3-0)
No. 5: No. 56 Pia Trikha (Penn) def. No. 44 Katherine Giovinazzo (Prin) (3-2)
No. 6: No. 50 Alexandra Sawin (Prin) def. No. 62 Courtney Jones (Penn) (3-2)
No. 7: No. 52 Nikki Sequeira (Prin) def. No. 59 Stephanie Vogel (Penn) (3-0)
No. 8: No. 66 Casey Cortes (Prin) def. No. 67 Chloe Blacker (Penn) (3-1)
No. 9: No. 70 Caroline Feeley (Prin) def. No. 80 Hyland Murphy (Penn) (3-0)
Ex: No. 97 Daphne Rein-Weston (Prin) def. Josy Blair (Penn) (3-0)