Penn Baseball Spring Blog: Final Game of the Trip

WINTER PARK, Fla. – It is bright and early here in Winter Park as Penn and Georgetown meet once again during Baseball Week at Rollins College – this time in the consolation game of the tournament.

The two teams have met six times this season, with the Quakers holding a 4-2 advantage in the series. On Friday, Penn defeated the Hoyas, 9-4.

Top Ninth – William Gordon in to pitch, Mraz to first and Adrian Lorenzo to left field.

Gordon walks the nine-hitter, Ellioot, on four pitches. Lee lines out to right for out number one. Fernandez singles to left. Capless bounds into a game-ending 4-6-3 double play. Penn 9, Georgetown 5.

Bottom Eighth – Gable fouls out to first and then Thomas lines out to first to start the inning. Maas grounds out to third to end the inning. Penn 9, Georgetown 5.

Top Eighth – Capeless grounds out down the line to first. Nice play by Gordon to reel in the hard grounder. Lamont hit by a pitch for the second time in two at-bats.

A single from Godefoir narrowly misses Roth’s glove. Two on, one out for Ravnaas. A base hit from Ravnaas loads the bags for Malt.

Good effort from Maas on a foul bal lin right. He chased it down to the fence and ran through the gate, which wasn’t closed all the way. He didn’t make the catch, but the hustle is appreciated.

Roth strikes out Malt swinging for the second out of the inning. Sean Baumann pinch hits for Pustizzi. Baumann grounds out to third to end the inning. Penn 9, Georgetown 5.

Bottom Seventh – Grandieri starts the inning with a single up the middle. Williams with a double to left that scores Grandieri. Penn 7, Georgetown 5.

Davis walks on four-pitches. Single from Gordon sores Williams, Davis out at third, 7-6-4-5. Gordon advances to second. Penn 8, Georgetown 5.

Mraz grounds out to third, Gordon holding at second. Vigoa singles to center to score Gordon. Penn 9, Georgetown 5.

Vigoa caught stealing on a close play at second. Inning over. Penn 9, Georgetown 5.

Top Seventh – Malt flies out to right for the first out of the inning. Pustizzi grounds out to short for out number two. Elliott singles up the middle.

Voiro is out and Todd Roth is in for Penn.

Roth walks Lee on four pitches, bring up Fernanez with two on and two out. Fernandez bounces into a fielder’s choice, with Williams retiring Elliott unassisted at third.

Bottom Sixth – Cohen in for Georgetown on the mound and he promptly retires Mraz, 5-3.Vigoa fists a grounder to second, two outs. Gable lines a double down the line in left for the first runner of the inning.

Thomas works a walk. Two on for the Quakers with two out and Maas coming up. Maas strikes out swinging to end the inning. Penn 6, Georgetwon 5.

Top Sixth – Pustizzi walks to start the inning. Elliott follows with a walk of his own and the Hoyas have two on with no out. Lee taps back to the pitcher for what should be a double-play ball, but Seymour’s throw is dropped by Vigoa and everyone is safe. Fernandez lines to left, scoring Pustizzi on a sac fly. Capeless grounds to second and Gable forces Lee at second – the only out Penn had. Two out, two on for Georgetown. Lamont gets hit with a breaking ball inside and the bases are loaded again. Godefroi gets Georgetown back in the game with a bases-clearing double to center. Penn 6, Georgetown 4.

Ravnaas follows with a single to left-center. Penn 6, Georgetown 5.

That is all for Seymour and Vince Voiro is in the game.

Vorio picks off Ravnaas at first, catching him leaning. The throw goes to Gordon who relays to Gable for the tag. Penn 6, Georgetown 5.

Bottom Fifth – Grandieri lines out short to start the inning. Williams strikes out swinging. “Dragon” Davis turns on a pitch and sends one over the fence and across the street and off a building for a solo home run – the first of his career. Penn 6, Georgetown 0. Gordon grounds out to short to end the inning.

Top Fifth – Godefroi singles between Mraz and Vigoa in shallow left. Rvanaas lines right at Thomas for the first out. Malt grounds into a double play, 6-4-3, to end the inning. Penn 5, Georgetown 0.

Bottom Fourth – Gable pops out to short on a jam-shot. Thomas grounds out to second – Malt picks up the ball on an in-between bounce and a good scoop from Capeless finishes the play. Maas grounds out to second to end the inning. Penn 5, Georgetown 0.

Top Fourth – Lee starts the inning with a walk. Williams erases that runner as part of a nicely-turned 5-4-3 double play. Capeless with Georgetown’s first hit – a soft liner that eludes Thomas’s dive in center. Lamont grounds out to Williams to end the inning. Penn 5, Georgetown 0.

Bottom Third – Williams bounces to first where Capeless handles it himself for the first out. Davis lines out to short

for out number two. Gordon singles through the hole between short and third for his second single of the day. Mraz adds a single up the middle and the Quakers have two on with two out. Vigoa lines out to left to end the inning. Penn 5, Georgetown 0.

Top Third – Williams with a nice play at third to record the first out of the inning. He picked up a slow roller and fired on the run. Nice scoop from Gordon at first to pickup the one-hopper.

Pustizzi flies to left for outnumber two. Seymour with an athletic play off the mound, going to the third-base side to stab a chopper and firing to first for the third out. Penn 5, Georgetown 0.

Bottom Second – Gordon starts off with a single to the right side. Mraz follows by dropping a blooper into right. Two on, no outs. Vigoa’s bunt is perfect and everyone is safe – bases full of Quakers for Gable.

Gable tops a 1-0 pitch right back to the pitcher, 1-2-3 double play and there are two out.

Harris’ pitch sails through Pustizzi’s legs and Mraz scores on the passed ball. Thomas hits ahard grounder that bounces off the umpire. Since the ump was in front of the fielder, the ball is dead and Vigoa’s run is off the board and he is back at third…

But that doesn’t matter as Maas sends a long homer over the fence in left for a three-run homer. Grandieri grounds out to second to end the inning. Penn 5, Georgetown 0.

Top Second – Seymour fans his third hitter in a row, getting Lamont swinging on three pitches. Godefroi reaches when his high chopper bounces out of Seymour’s glove. Gordon almost recovered to have a chance at the bag, but Godefori beats it out.

The hit-and-run goes awry for the Hoyas as Ravnaas swings at a high fastball and Will “The Dragon” Davis fires to second to catch Godefroi stealing. Ravnaas grounds out to Gable to end the inning. Penn 1, Georgetown 0.

Bottom First – Adrian Thomas strikes out looking to start the inning. Maas, who is seeing the ball extremely well, rips a double down the line in left. Grandieri bounds a grounder to Capeless who bobbles it trying to spin and throw. Runners on the corners with one out. Williams grounds out to short. Grandieri was off on the pitch, erasing the possibility of the double play. Maas scores on the play. Penn 1, Georgetown 0.

Davis lines out to center at the warning track to end the inning. Penn 1, Georgetown 0.

Top First – Lee pops out to second to start the game. Seymour gets Fernandez to swing and miss at a ball in the dirt for the second out of the inning. Capeless follows suit by swinging at a ball in the dirt. Davis picks it up and fires to Gordon to officially retire Capeless. Georgetown 0, Penn yet to bat.

9:56 a.m. – Lineups are in…

For the visiting Georgetown Hoyas:

Lee, CFFernandez, DHCapeless, 1BLamont, 3BGodefroi, LFRavnaas, RFMalt, 2BPustizzi, CElliott, SS

SP. Harris

And for the Quakers:

Adrian Thomas, CFJeremy Maas, RFGrandieri, DHWilliams, 3BDavis, CGordon, 1BMraz, LFVigoa, SSGable, 2B

SP. Seymour

9:30 a.m. - We have an early 10 a.m. start today so the team can get to the airport for its 4 p.m. flight back to Philly. It has been a busy morning already as the team woke up and had breakfast at 6:30 a.m. and arrived at the park at 7 a.m. – where the lights were still on. The squad took a team picture, then stretched and warmed up. Right now, spirited games of pepper are underway down the left-field line as the infield is watered and we get closer to gametime. I will be back with lineups in a bit.