Penn Baseball Spring Blog: Quakers Fall to Rollins, 13-8

WINTER PARK, Fla.The Quakers have two games left at Rollins Baseball Week, and today Penn plays host Rollins.

Earlier this week, Penn rallied from a 9-2 deficit to post an 11-10 win over the Tars. The Quakers put together a second win in a row yesterday, defeating Georgetown, 9-4.

Top Ninth – Mraz starts the ninth by striking out swinging. Williams lines to center for the second out. Grandieri walks on four close pitches. Maas then singles up the middle, with the ball taking a big hop off the mound. Gordon flies out to center to end the game. Rollins 13, Penn 8.

Bottom Eighth – Nice running catch by Maas in right, going to hi sright to pull in Avanzino’s trailing liner. Mraz follows with a nice play in left, ranging into foul territory to put out Hewett.

More singles to left. Band grounds between first and second. Gordon ranges to his right and fires to McNluty who is covering first for the final out of the inning. We head to the ninth…Rollins 13, Penn 8.

Top Eighth – Vigoa grounds out on the first pitch to short. Cellucci finally gets a hit today, after being robbed twice. He sends a single to right. Gable slices a line-drive out to right for the second out. Thomas lines out to first to end the inning. Rollins 13, Penn 8.

Bottom Seventh – Chris McNulty in for Penn to pitch and Band tests him right away, dragging a bunt toward first. McNulty fields it cleanly and fires to first for the out. Yount goes opposite field to right for a single. Ferguson flies to left. Two outs for Bennett – he of two home runs and a double today.

A groundball to short that could have ended the inning eats up Vigoa and the frame is extended with two on for Luker. The error comes back to haunt the Quakers as Luker reaches out and hits a homer to right. It didn’t look that bad off the bat, but the wind is carrying in that direction and the ball went over the fence, hitting the Penn bus.

Jeff Cellucci catches a foul popup to end the inning. Rollins 13, Penn 8.

Top Seventh – New pitcher in for Rollins, Taylor Smith. He walks Grandieri, who had worked a full count. Maas grounds into a double play, 5-4-3, and Penn has two outs. Gordon fouls out to the catcher to end the inning. Rollins 10, Penn 8.

Bottom Sixth – More singles to start the inning – the grounder up the middle eluding the charging Vigoa. More, after avoiding the tag on numerous pickoff attempts, takes off for second. The pitch from Brennan gets by Cellucci and More is to third. Band strikes out swinging for the first out of the inning.

Yount drives home More with a single to left-center. Penn 8, Rollins 7.

Ferguson sends a double to right-center, over the head of Maas. Yount scores from first. Tie game… Penn 8, Rollins 8. Brennan is out and Grandieri in to pitch.

Bennett turns on a 1-2 pitch and sends a double down the left-field line, scoring Ferguson. Rollins 9, Penn 8.

Luker sends his fourth hit of the day over the head of Vigoa and into left. Runners on the corners with one out. Martinez singles to right, scoring Bennett. Rollins 10, Penn 8.

Grandieri falls behind pinch-hitter John Avanzino before inducing a flyout to center. Two outs now with two on. Hewett walks to load the bases.

More, up for the second time in the inning, lines out to Thomas. The centerfielder took the long route to the ball, ultimately diving backwards for the catch. Nice play.

Top Sixth – Cellucci retired for the third time today – with this the easiest play for Rollins, a 5-3 groundout. Gable reaches out and sends a 1-2 pitch back to center for his first hit of the day. Thomas connects on a hit-and-run call, sending Gable to third and Penn has runners on the corners with one out.

Mraz shows bunt on the 1-0 pitch with Gable faking a squeeze. Thomas swipes second on the play. Two in scoring position now for Mraz. The freshman gets the job done, lifting a sac fly to right, scoring Gable for a two-run lead. Penn 8, Rollins 6.

Williams lines out to right to end the inning. Penn 8, Rollins 6.

Bottom Fifth – Bennett goes yard for the second time in the game, driving a 1-2 pitch over the right-center fence. Penn 7, Rollins 5.

Luker follows with a well-earned single, fighting off a few 2-2 pitches to send one softly back up the middle.

Vigoa throws out Martinez on the run, with Luker advancing to second. One out in the fifth. Hiscock singles for the second time in the game, driving in Luker. Penn 7, Rollins 6. That is all for Terry as coach Cole comes out to relieve him. Patrick Brennan comes in to take over.

Hewett sends a sinking liner to left that Mraz was close to catching. It falls in and runners are on first and second. Mraz, Brennan and coach Cole all thought that the play had been made, but the call stands.

Rollins tries a double steal on a 1-1 pitch, but More swings through it and Cellucci has more than enough time to throw out Hiscock at third. Hewett goes to second and there are now two outs.

Make that three outs as Brennan wheels and picks off Hewett at second. Penn 7, Rollins 6.

Top Fifth – Gable strikes out swinging to start the inning. Thomas reaches for the third time today – the first via a hit – when he singles to left-center.Mraz grounds u the middle, Yount bobbles the grounder and can’t get either man out. Two on for Williams…

Williams with his second hit of the day – a single to center – that scores Thomas to tie the game. Mraz advances to third. It looked like the runners were off on the pitch, helping move them along. Penn 4, Rollins 4.

Tommy Grandieri with perhaps the highest fielder’s choice I have ever seen. He hit a pop-up to second that Band lost in the sun a sit dropped about 10 feet from where he was lined up. Williams was heading back to first and when the ball dropped hightailed it to second, but was tagged by a diving Band. Mraz did not score.

Maas followed with a single to center that scored Mraz. Grandieri to third and Maas to second on the throw. Penn 5, Rollins 4.

Gordon triples to center, scoring two. Vigoa taps out to the pitcher Penn 7, Rollins 4.

Bottom Fourth – Hewett walks to start the inning. After a few bunt attempts and a few pickoffs, Rollins puts on a hit-and-run and the strategy pays off as More singles through the hole created when Vigoa went to cover second and Rollins has runners at first and third with no out.

Band grounds into a 4-6-3 double play that scores Hewett. Rollins 4, Penn 3.

Yount reaches on an error from Vigoa, who tried to grab the ball on the run towards the middle.

Ferguson flies out to center to end the inning, with Thomas making the play on the run. Ferguson goes down rounding first, but shakes it off and heads back to the dugout. Rollins 4, Penn 3.

Top Fourth – Gordon swings at the first pitch and tops a ball to the pitcher, who turns and fires to first for the out. Vigoa grounds out to second. Cellucci hits the ball hard for the second time today – and for the second time can’t catch a break. This time, his frozen rope to third gets snagged by a diving Luker. Three up, three down. Penn 3, Rollins 3.

Bottom Third – Bennett stays in the yard this time, striking out swinging on a pitch down and away. Luker splits the gap in right-center for a triple for his second hit of the day. An RBI-groundout from Martinez to second scores Luker. Penn 3, Rollins 3.

Hiscock grounds to Gable to end the inning. Penn 3, Rollins 3.

Top Third – Thomas reaches on an error by the first baseman who bobbled the grounder. He then went to steal second and reached third when the throw bounced off the shortstop’s glove and into right field. Mraz follows with a walk. Runners on the corners with no outs. Williams grounds to first, but Hiscock bobbles the grounder, eliminating the double play. Hiscock steps on first for an out, but Mraz goes to second and Thomas scores to give Penn back the lead. Penn 3, Rollins 2.

Grandieri grounds out to second, advancing Mraz to third. Two outs. Maas retired, short to first, on a hard grounder. Penn 3, Rollins 2.

Bottom Second – Hiscock slaps a singles to left-center to start the inning. Hewett flies out to center after fouling off a hit-and-run attempt.

Hiscock steals second, Cellucci’s throw was in time but away from the bag and bobbled a bit by Gable. More singles him home up the middle. Penn 2, Rollins 2.

Band follows with a singles past a diving Gordon at first. Two on, one out. Yount lines out softly to Maas for the second out. Ferguson flies out to Maas to end the inning. Penn 2, Rollins 2.

Top Second – Vigoa pops flies out to center to start the inning. Cellucci hammers a ball to left field, but More catches up to hit at the wall and snags it in right before it hit the fence. Tough luck there for the catcher. Gable grounds out to short to end the inning. Penn 2, Rollins 1.

Bottom First – Yount lines out to Thomas and then Ferguson lines a soft one right at Gable for the second out. Bryan Bennett then sends a liner over the right field fence for a solo homer. Didn’t look like it would go out off the bat, but it carried just over the wall. Penn 2, Rollin 1.

Luker follows with a single up the middle, narrowly missing starter Reid Terry. Martinez pops out to Maas to end the inning. Penn 2, Rollins 1.

Top First – Thomas works a walk on four pitches to start the game. Mraz works the count to 3-1, but grounds into a double play, 5-4-3.

Williams goes the opposite way for Penn’s first hit of the day, singling to right. Grandieri drives in his 15th run of the season with a double in between left and center, scoring Williams all the way from first. Penn 1, Rollins 0.

Jeremy Maas dials up a double of his own, slicing one over the head of Bennett in right to score Grandieri. Penn 2, Rollins 0.

Gordon goes down swinging to end the inning.

10:40 a.m. – Lineups are in…


Adrian Thomas, CF James Mraz, LF Dan Williams, 3B Tom Grandieri, DH Jeremy Maas, RF William Gordon, 1B Derek Vigoa, SS Jeff Cellucci, C Steve Gable, 2B

SP. Reid Terry, RHP


Justin Yount, SS Taylor Ferguson, CF Bryan Bennett, RF Ryan Luker, 3B Eugene Martinez, Dh Stephen Hiscock, 1B Ben Hewett, C Jesse More, LF Josh Band, 2B

SP. Danny Clark, LHP

The Quakers are 5-4 and Rollins is 14-9.