Penn Baseball Spring Blog: Quakers Win Wild One, 11-10

WINTER PARK, Fla. – Good afternoon from Winter Park and Rollins College for Penn’s sixth game of its Spring Trip.

The Quakers have scuffled the last two days, dropping three games in a row. Today, Penn sends ace Todd Roth to the hill in hopes of stopping the skid and getting back in the win column.

Last night, the team had a dinner at Bahama Breeze, a local restaurant, that was sponsored by the parents. It was a great opportunity for the players, coaches, staff and families to get to know each other as the long season commences. The meal was delicious and the team’s thanks goes out to the parents who helped organize the event. After dinner, a number of the players went mini-golfing. I am still working on gathering the scores to report the champion. All I know is Tommy Grandieri was talking like a champion after the round. But, we’ll see if that is actually the truth…

As I did yesterday, I will provide updates as the game progresses.

Today, Penn plays host Rollins. In a quirky change, the Quakers are the home team. Rollins is 14-6 on the season, while competing at the Division II level. The Tars are a quality team, with wins over Georgetown and Maine this week. In 2004, the Tars reached the final four of the Division II College World Series.

Top Ninth - QUAKERS WIN! After a flyout to right to start th einning, Rollins singled. The rally was short-lived as Penn turned a 5-4-3 double play to end the wild win. A full recap will follow shortly.

Bottom Eighth – Mraz starts the inning with an opposite-field single to right. Thomas with a sac bunt – and an interesting one at that. He drags the bunt to first and when the first baseman picks it up, he heads back towards home – making sure that Mraz gets to second. Thomas was finally tagged about two steps from home. The Penn crowd appreciated his strategy…

Williams grounds out to second, advancing Thomas to third with two outs. Grandieri coming to the plate with the go-ahead run 90 feet away.

Grandieri walks, bringing up Maas with two on and two out. MAAS TURNS ON A PITCH AND SENDS A GROUNDER INTO LEFT! Mraz scores and the Quakers take the lead! Penn 11, Rollins 10.

Davis flies out to end the eighth, and Penn heads to the ninth up by one.

Top Eighth – Jennings, still going strong, strikes out Yount to start the inning. Anice breaking ball induced the swing-and-miss to Yount. Ferguson follows with a stand-up double down the left-field line. GREAT PLAY FROM WILLIAMS!. Penn’s All-Ivy third baseman stabs a ground ball, tags Yount – who took off on contact – and fires to first for a double play to end the inning. Penn 10, Rollins 10.

Bottom Seventh – After a ground out from one Georgia boy, Maas, to start the inning, two more Peach State players come through to tie the game for Penn. Will Davis gets his third hit of the game with a single to right. Then BoBo Gordon goes yard to left-center for a two-run homer to even the game. Penn 10, Rollins 10.

Vigoa walks to get things started again. He thought he walked the pitch prior, tossing the bat and heading to first, but the pitch was a strike. One toss later, the free pass was finalized.

With the hit and run on, Gable flies out to right. Vigoa makes it back to first safely. Vigoa thrown out stealing at second, catcher to short. Inning over. Penn 10, Rollins 10.

Top Seventh – Chase goes down looking to start the seventh, watching an inside pitch go by for a called third strike. More walks. He advances to third when a failed pickoff from Jennings sails into foul territory in right. Quakers bring the infield in to make the play at the plate. The move pays off as a grounder to short is fielded by Vigoa. He looks the runner back to third and fires to first for the second out, The infield then moves back. Grable scoops up a grounder from Band to end the inning. And...the excellent game-day staff at Rollins busts out old school Harry Caray for the seventh-inning stretch. Good work

Bottom Sixth – Thomas gets hit by a pitch and Penn brings the tying run to the plate with no outs in the sixth. Williams flies out to right for the first out. Grandieri lines out to short on a hard-hit ball, and Thomas is doubled off first. Rollins 10, Penn 8.

Top Sixth – After a long at bat, Bennett grounds out to Gable for the first out of the inning. Luker works a walk for a runner on. On the first pitch, Luker took off for second, and Davis guns down his second man of the day throwing him out at second, for the second out of the inning. Hewett bounces out to Gordon for the final out of the inning. Rollins 10, Penn 8.

Botoom Fifth – Vigoa gets jammed with a fastball and lines out to left for the first out of the fifth. Gable hits a hard groundball to second, but Band ranges a bit to his right, stes and throws to first for the second out. Mraz gets rung up looking to end the inning. Rollins 10, Penn 8.

Top Fifth – Jennings strikes out the leadoff hitter, More, to start the frame. Avanzino then drives a ball all the way to the wall – and right into Grandieri’s glove – in left for the second out of the inning. Band lines a double into the gap between right and center for a hit. One on, two out. Yount gets Rollins’ second double in a row to get a run back for the Tars’ lead. Rollins 10, Penn 8. Ferguson gets jammed and lines out softly to Gable to end the inning.

Bottom Fourth – Vigoa gets hit for the second time in two games – at least this time not in the head – as he takes on between the numbers to reach first.Gable lines out softly to short. Mraz singles to left and Penn has two runners on with one out.

Thomas lines a double to the gap in left-center for two runs. Vigoa scores from second and Mraz all the way from first. The double drives Gropler from the game with Penn back in the game. Rollins 9, Penn 5.

Thomas lines a double to the gap in left-center for two runs. Vigoa scores from second and Mraz all the way from first. The double drives Gropler from the game with Penn back in the game. Rollins 9, Penn 5.

Michael Eppich comes in from the pen for Rollins to face Dan Williams. Thomas advances to third as Eppich’s first pitch is wild. Williams scores Thomas with a high sac fly to right. Rollins 9, Penn 6.

Grandieri lines a single to center and Penn has a runner on with two outs and Jeremy Maas coming to the plate. Maas continues his hot hitting, slicing a double to right-center. Pen nhas two on with two out and Will Davis at the plate. Davis singles through the right side to score both Grandieri and Maas – Maas scoring from second without as much as a throw from the rightfielder. That is all for Eppich as the Rollins skipper is back out to make a pitching change.

Rollins 9, Penn 8.

Gordon grounds out to third to end the inning, but Penn has show some heart here in the past two innings, rallying from a seven-run deficit to get back within one. The Quakers have actually scored in every inning, and save the one nine-run frame for Rollins, have been in control. Rollins 9, Penn 8.

As a quick aside, for those of you wondering – and yes I had one email asking this question – Justin Yount is not the son of former MLB great Robin Yount.

Top Fourth – Bennett starts the innling with a lineout to Gable. Jennings is still in the game for Penn. Luker follows by grounding aslow bouncr past Jennings an dto Gable. Penn’s second baseman rushed to make the play, dropping the ball for Penn’s fourth error of the game. Hewett pops out to Gable for the second out of the inning. Chase flies out to left to end the inning. Rollins 9, Penn 3.

Bottom Third – Thomas leads off with a single that eludes the shortstop for a leadoff hit. Williams follows with a high flyball to left that is collected for the first out of the inning. Grandieri flies out to center for the second out of the inning. Mass lines a triple to left as More’s diving stab at the ball came up empty. The ball rolled all the way to the fence, Thomas scored and Penn is back with some momentum. Rollins 9, Penn 3.

Davis works a walk and runners are on the corners with two out. Gordon comes up and drives a line foul down the left-field line that would have been gone if fair. As the breaks often go, he then strikes out swinging to strand two. Rollins 9, Penn 3.

Top Third – Avanzino leads off after ending the last inning at the plate when the runner was thrown out stealing second. He singles through the right side for Rollins’ first hit of the day. Band follows with a single through short for two on with nobody out. Yount walks to load the bases with no outs. Ferguson singles through the hole between short and third to score Rollins’ first run of the inning. Roth got the groundball he wanted, it just had eyes and Penn now leads by one. Penn 2, Rollins 1.

Roth battles back to strikeout Bennett swinging to get an important first out of the inning. Bases still laoded. Roth works a 2-2 count but hangs a breaking ball to the cleanup hitter, Luker, that is lined to left for two runs. Luker advances to second on the run and it is second and third with only one out. Rollins 3, Penn 2.

Hewett gets hit by Roth’s 2-2 pitch to re-load the bases. Two more runs come in on a single from Chase back through the box. Chase advances to second on a bobble by Adrian Thomas in center. Rollins 5, Penn 3.

More hits a long flyball to left center that I smisplayed by Grandierir, and ends up bouncing over the fence for two more runs. Play is ruled a two-base error. Rollins 7, Penn 2.

Avanzino pops up to second for the second out of the inning. Band singles to right for hi second hit of the inning to score More. Rollins 8, Penn 2.

Stolen base from Band on the first pitch. Another hard single back up the middle – this time from Yount scores Band. Rollins 9, Penn 2.

That is all for Roth as Trey Jennings comes in from the pen to relieve.

Jennings retires Ferguson on a groundout to himself to end the inning. Rollins 9, Penn 2.

Bottom Second – Davis goes swinging at the first pitch and launches it over the centerfielder’s head for a leadoff double. That is Davis first hit of the season.

Gordon follows with a shot down the left-field line that scores Davis for the second run of the game. Gordon slides effectively into second for a double. Penn 2, Rollins 0. Vigoa lines out to center for the first out o fthe inning. The Quakers are really hitting Gropler hard right now. Gable then walks on four pitches. Mraz grounds into a double play, second base to first, to end the inning. Penn 2, Rollins 0.

Top Second – Roth fans Hewett to start the inning – his third of the game so far. Chase grounded out to second for out number two.

More walks and Roth goes to 3-0 on Avanzino. He gets a strike then checks the runner a few times with the count full. On the next pitch, More goes…and Davis throws out More at second to end the inning. Penn 1, Rollins 0.

Bottom First – Here is Penn’s lineup

Mraz, RF Thomas, CF Williams, SS Grandieri, LF Maas , DH Davis, C Gordon, 1B Vigoa, SS Gable, SB

SP. Roth, RHP

Mraz pops to right to start the inning, but Thomas follows with a hard grounder up the middle for a single. Williams follows with a lined double to left-center that scores Thomas all the way from first.

Grandieri’s at-bat features a lot of cat-and-mouse from the middle infield trying to keep Williams at second. Grandieri grounds out to second, with a hard hit ball and Williams advances to third. Maas grounds out to short to end the inning. Penn 1, Rollins 0.

Top First – Rollins’ Lineup

Justin Yount, SS Taylor Ferguson, CF Bryan Bennett, RF Ryan Luker, 3B Ben Hewett, C Scott Chase, Dh Jesse More, LF John Avanzino, 1B Josh Band, 2B

SP. Steven Gropler, RHP

Roth strikes out Yount swinging for the first out of the game, getting the shortstop with a trailing fastball. Ferguson pops out to second on the first pitch of his at bat. Gable did a great job shielding the blazing sun from his eyes. Bennett reaches on an error from shortstop Derek Vigoa. Bennetr hit a hard grounder that Vigoa tried to play to the side. It ended up rolling all the way to the fence and Bennett reached second. Roth balks on the 0-1 pitch and Bennett is now at third. Hewett strikes out swinging, way out in front of Roth’s changeup for the final out of the inning. Rollins 0, Pen 0