Penn Cheer Attends Fourth Consecutive UCA College Cheer Camp.

This year marked Penn Cheer's fourth consecutive trip to the University of Scranton for UCA College Cheer camp, and it was one of their best. The team spent four tiring days learning how to perfect their craft. Each day started with a wake up at 6:00 am and ended with a final team meeting at 10:00 pm.

The typical day was a combination of game planning, stunt, basket toss and pyramid classes. The game day class focused largely on their gameday traditions and performance. Since supporting their teams on gameday is their main job this class is great help in refining the performance. The stunt pyramid and basket toss classes taught three things; safety, technique and new skills. With the increased scrutiny on cheerleading safety this is by far one of the most important classes.

The tone and excitement coming out of camp is setting Penn Cheer up to achieve some great things this year. The team is working hard to improve their skill and ability level. In addition they have really come together as a cohesive unit, supporting each other and effecively working through frustration as a team.

They expect great things this year and they hope you will be a part of them!