Penn Field Hockey at Delaware, In-Game

NEWARK - Join Penn Athletic Communications for a special in-game blog during tonight's game at Delaware. The game begins at 7 p.m.

A few notes before tonight's game:

Penn enters the game on a two-game winning streak after defeating Lock Haven and Bucknell over the weekend. Penn is now 5-5 and has won five of its last six games. Delaware is 9-4. The Blue Hens won seven games to start the season before dropping four of their last six, including two straight to #13 ranked Old Dominion and Northeastern. Delaware holds a 15-8 advantage in the all-time series. Penn won the most recent meeting between the two teams, a 2-1 victory in Newark in 2004. The win against Lock Haven on October 5 was the 100th career victory for Penn head coach Val Cloud. The game is a homecoming for Penn assistant coach Megan McGuin. She graduated from Delaware in 2002 following a four-year stint on the Blue Hens' field hockey team.

6:08 p.m. - The Fightin’ Blue Hens have taken the field for pre-game warmups. The Quakers have emerged from the visiting locker room to begin their own warmups, running a few laps around Rullo Stadium.

6:50 p.m. – The teams have left the field. The sprinklers are on as Delaware waters down the field one last time before gametime.

Here’s your starting lineups...

Penn: Katie Rose, Margaretha Ehret, Meredith Moran, Jamie Calahan, Meghan Rose, Nicole Black, Melissa Black, Katie Burke, Rachel Eng, Nicole Levi and Alanna Butera in goal.

Delaware: Casey Howard, Michelle Drummonds, Jackie Tait, Tori Karsten, Florence Sijbrandij, Amanda Warrington, Kacie Campbell, Kimmy Schiezes, Rae Everson, Amy Brewer and Nikki Rhoades in goal.

35:00 – Opening pass belongs to the Blue Hens.

32:10 - Meghan Rose offensive pressure defended by Jackie Tait

31:45 – Shot by Katie Rose blocked.

31:00 – Penalty corner by Jamie Calahan

30:40 – Shot by Margaretha Ehret blocked

30:30 - Penalty corner by Calahan

30:20 – Shot by Ehret wide.

28:15 – Nicole Levi breaks up a shot attempt by Michelle Drummonds

27:45 – Shot by Amanda Warrington sails past the Quaker goal wide

26:50 – Penn crossing attempt cleared by Blue Hen goalkeeper Nikki Rhoades

25:50 – Penn corner by Calahan

25:40 – Shot by Ehret saved by Rhoades. Rebound also steered away by Rhoades.

22:20 – Shot by Delaware, loose rebound cleared away by Melissa Black

20:55 – Two shots by Nicole Black, both turned away by Rhoades. Good work by Calahan to set up the play.

20:00 – Penn substitution: Nina Ferrier for Rachel Eng

19:30 – Delaware substitution : Missy Woodie for Amy Brewer

19:10 – Calahan backhand shot saved by Rhoades

18:00 – Penn corner inserted by Calahan. Blue Hen defense prevents a shot.

17:30 – Brewer back in the game for Delaware for Florence Sijbrandij

15:57 – Penalty corner for Delaware’s Amy Brewer.

15:25 – Shot Casey Howard saved by Butera. Rebound cleared by Katie Burke.

15:15 – Corner Delaware.

14:58 – Blue Hen goal! Howard converts a corner from Brewer and Tait. 1-0 Fightin’ Blue Hens.

9:48 – Delaware substitution: Alexis Esbitt for Tori Karsten

9:09 – Green card for Penn’s Calahan.

6:35 – Nicole Black rushes up the left side. Ball knocked out of bounds before a shot attempt.

5:00 – Penn subs: Eng and Andrea Rockey in for Calahan and Ferrier.

4:00 – Penn substitution: Kara Bolger for Nicole Black

3:00 – Penn substitution: Stephanie Ragg for Meredith Moran

2:20 – Penn shot by Bolger just wide...

1:00 – One minute remaining in the half...

HALFTIME – Delaware 1, Penn 0

First-half Analysis – Penn held possession in the Delaware end for most of the half, generating ten shots to Delaware’s three. Unfortunately, only four Quaker shots reached goal and all were turned away. The Blue Hens took advantage of their best chance of the half, earning two penalty corners in less than a minute and converting the second into the only goal of the game. The Quakers need to continue the pressure and keep earning corners as they have in the first half. It will be up to the playmakers on offense to cash in those chances. Defensively, it is hard to find fault with what the Quakers have been doing. Allowing only three shots to a team that averages 26 a game is a good sign. The D has been there to clear rebounds and passes when needed. Look for the midfield to attempt to turn defense into offense as the Quakers begin their comeback.

2nd Half

35:00 – Penn starts play.

34:00 – Shot by Drummonds...slips past Butera but Burke is there to clear the ball out of bounds.

33:15 – Penalty corner for Delaware by Warrington...mishandled by the Hens and Penn starts the attack.

32:18 – Out of town scoreboard update: Columbia 2, Hofstra 1

31:30 – Bolger in the circle....cannot create her own shot and Penn is called for a foul.

28:15 – Delaware substitution: Karsten for Esbitt

27:21 – Shot by Kimmy Schlezes wide.

25:17 – Nicole Levi pass to Rachel Eng all alone in the circle...Rhoades forces her wide.

24:53 – Corner for Penn

24:45 – Shot by Ehret saved.

24:13 – Penn substitutions: Moran for Levi, Nicole Black for Ferrier and Calahan for Rockey.

23:10 – Blue Hen goal! Michelle Drummonds gathers a loose ball in the circle and the shot eludes Butera. 2-0 Blue Hens.

21:45 – Penn substitution: Sarah Warner for Melissa Black.

20:50 QUAKER GOAL!!!!! Meghan Rose takes one step inside the circle and fires a shot five-hole past Rhoades. The goal is her fourth on the season. The score is 2-1 Delaware.

18:20 – Two shots from Esbitt. First one is saved by Butera and the second is turned away on a great defensive play from Katie Burke.

17:00 – Good defense from Warner. She intercepted a pass and immediately got it out of the circle, starting a Quaker rush.

16:22 – Delaware substitution: Brewer for Woodie.

15:51 – Penn earns a corner. Calahan to insert.

15: 00 – Shot by Nicole Black. Blocked in the circle with a Blue Hen foot. Penn earns another corner.

14:45 – Shot by Ehret. Save Rhoades.

13:45 – Penn earns another corner. Calahan to start the play.

13:25 – Shot by Nicole Black blocked by a Blue Hen defender.

12:30 – Good work by Calahan earns a corner for the Quakers.

12:10 – Shot by Rose is blocked by Tait illegally. This earns Penn a penalty stroke.

12:04 – Meghan Rose lines up for the penalty stroke....AND MAKES IT. Penn goal!!! Game tied 2-2!!!

10:15 – The penalty stroke goal by Rose was her second of the year. Her first came against Villanova. She also had one last season.

7:33 – Howard in all alone...Butera rushes out and smothers the ball before she can get a shot off.

6:50 – Delaware substitution: Rachel Schexnayder for Karsten.

5:40 – Rose looking for the hat trick....Rhoades with a big save. Foul on the Hens in the circle earns Penn a corner.

5:07 – PENN GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rachel Eng gathers the ball on the right side and slides a pass right on the stick of Jamie Calahan. One dribble later, Calahan slips the ball past a diving Rhoades for a 3-2 Quaker lead.


3:32 – Corner for Delaware taken by Brewer.

3:10 – Shot by Howard flies by the net wide.

2:22 – Entry pass from Schlezes finds no one home and goes out of bounds. Penn ball.

1:28 - Foul on Delaware while they had the ball. Crucial turnover.

One minute left.....

00:29 - Margaretha Ehret clears an entry pass out of bounds.

00:00 - Final Score: Penn 3, Delaware2.

I hope you enjoyed following the game along with me. Great win for the Quakers who are above .500 for the first time all season. Furious comeback pays off and we can travel back home victors. See you Friday as the Quaketrs host Drexel live at Franklin Field at 7:15 p.m.

Check back to for a full recap and box score.