Penn Football All-Access Blog: Thursday, April 2nd

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009: 8 –10 p.m.
Franklin Field
Philadelphia, PA

Clear, 58° F

Full pads

Practice Notes:
-The first practice in April was the warmest of the spring as temperatures in the Philadelphia area were in the 60's on Thursday. And it wasn't much cooler during the night practice.

- The team worked on some special teams Thursday night. A couple of the practice periods were spent on punting and punt returns. And after emphasizing the offensive side of point after attempts (PAT) on Tuesday night, the team worked on the defensive side of the PAT's. Last season, Penn blocked at least one extra-point, field goal and punt each. On the offensive side, kicker Andrew Samson was perfect on PAT's and no punts were blocked. Though the team's first field goal attempt of the season last year was blocked.

- Now into the eighth practice of the spring, there is increasingly more time spent on team drills as well as more 'live' drills where the players are allowed to tackle.

- On Tuesday, the squad spent 25 minutes on team drills in which they practiced situational down and yardage. Nearly the same amount of time was spent on the same format on Thursday. The situational scripting involves having the offense match up with the defense in specific down and distance situations. For example, on Tuesday, the offense ran numerous plays with the down and distance set at 1st and 10 and several more plays in 2nd and 8 or 2nd and 7 scenarios.

- On Thursday, the same situational down and yardage format was used with different scenarios. The team spent time in short yardage areas with a focus on goal line situations. They also worked on 1st and 10 again, then playing the result of the play.

- The Quakers have also made a small change in the spring schedule. In order to give the players a day off after an extended scrimmage in practice on Sunday, the team will have Monday night off. That practice moves to Tuesday, which was a rain date.

- It was the first official practice for Jon McLaughlin as the Quakers' offensive coordinator. However, there wasn't a change at practice as McLaughlin has largely taken on the responsibilities throughout the spring while the position was vacant. Matt Leon of KYW 1060 AM sat down with Coach McLaughlin earlier this week. The podcast of that interview should be available on the KYW website sometime on Friday.

Next Practice:

Friday, April 3rd; 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM (full pads)