Penn Football All-Access: Spring Season Concludes

PHILADELPHIA – When practice came to an end Wednesday night at Franklin Field, so too did the Spring Season for the University of Pennsylvania football team. The two-hour session was the last of 12 practices in the last three weeks for the Quakers.

The final spring practice of the year followed much of the same format as its predecessors at the start. The specialists had their typical workout at the start of the session, followed by the team's warm up and stretch. The team then ran about 10 plays of skelly and 10 plays featuring the inside running game. The last part of practice was then spent on a scrimmage that last for about 60 plays. With referees in attendance, the team went live with a focus on the two-minute drill, goal line offense and defense, and letting the offense work on coming out from deep inside their own territory.

Since taking the field for the first time on March 18, the Quakers largely made it through the spring without much injury of note. Other than the typical bumps and bruises, some more severe than others, there are just a few injuries that could loom into the fall. Linemen Yu Chen and Joseph Silberzweig each have suffered injuries that will have to be reevaluated when they return in the summer as well as junior quarterback Kyle Olson's knee injury from the 2008 season. Offensive lineman Brandon Kim will not play next season after suffering a head injury, but will remain with the team, helping from the sidelines.

Several players have made position switches from last season. Junior Sim K. Sims has made a move to tight end after spending some of his time in the Red and Blue working on the defensive side of the ball. Junior Brendan McNally, who has made appearances at quarterback in each of the last two seasons, is spending most of his time at defensive back. He did so last season, but was called back into action as a signal caller after three of Penn's quarterbacks went out with injury at the end of the year. Punter Scooter Belasco has been used at running back in past practices due to his speed and has spent time with the wideouts this spring.

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Players will continue individual workouts throughout the spring and leading into the summer when players will report back to campus in mid-August.