Penn Rowing in the Olympics

Penn Rowing in the Olympics

In 2004, former Penn coach Ted Nash became the first person to participate in 10 Olympic games as either an athlete or coach when he was appointed as a coach on the 2004 team in Athens. Nash also was appointed to a coaching position for the U.S. 1992 Olympic team in Barcelona, Spain. During his first games at the 1960 Rome Olympics, Nash was on the gold-medal winning four without coxswain boat. In addition to Nash, John Pescatore, CAS’86, and Penn lightweight Head Coach Bruce Konopka, W’78, represented Penn in the Barcelona Olympics. Pescatore placed sixth in the pair without coxswain boat, while Konopka watched from the sidelines as his coach.

Four representatives from Penn competed at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia, including 1999 graduate Garrett Miller, who competed on the U.S. men’s heavyweight eight. In 1994, Jonathan Fish, W’84, a 1988 Olympian, was elected to the Board of Directors of the U.S. Olympic Committee.

James J. Begg, C’56 1952

Joseph Burk, ‘34 1940 (no games - WWII)

Thomas W. Butterfoss, EE’72 1972

A. Gardner Cadwalader, C’71 1968

Russell S. Callow, G’30 1952 (coach)

James Catellan, G’74 1976

John A. Chatzky, W’78 1980

Steven E. Christensen, FAS’79 1976, 1980

Eugene H. Clapp III, C’72 1972 (silver medal)

Sean P. Colgan, CAS’77 1980

W. Richard Crooker, W’72 1968, 1972 (Canada)

George L. Dahm Jr., W’40 1936

Kenneth Dreyfuss, W’69, GED’77 1976

Bruce E. Epke, W’78 1980

F. Wood Fisher, W’62 1976 (asst. coach)

Jonathan B. Fish, W’84 1988

John E. Flobeck, CAS’87 1988

John Hartigan, C’63, WG’65 1968, 1976

Aaron B. Herman, C’74 1972

Janusz Hooker, W’93 1996 (Australia bronze medal)

Michael Hughes 1988 (men’s manager)

Bruce Ibbetson, G’81 1980

Luther H. Jones, W’72 1968, 1972

John Kelly Jr., C’50 1948, 1952, 1956, 1960 (bronze medal)

Bruce Konopka, W'78 1992 (coach)

George G. Loveless, W’32 1936

Anthony E. Martin III, EE’70 1968

Hugh Matheson, CGS'84 1972, 1976 (England silver medal)

Charles J. McIlvaine, CE’57 1952

James McMullen, C’59, D’63 1956

Garrett Miller, W’99 2000

James E. Moroney III, W’75 1972, 1976

Ted A. Nash 1960 (gold medal), 1964 (bronze medal), 1968 (advisor), 1972 (asst. coach), 1976 (advisor), 1980 (coach), 1984 (coach), 1988 (coach), 2000 (assistant coach), 2004 (assistant coach)

Harry Parker, C’57 1960, 1964 (coach), 1972 (coach), 1984 (coach)

Lyman S. Perry, AR’68 1960

John A. Pescatore, C’86 1988 (bronze medal), 1992, 2000

Mike Peterson, C’89 1996

Jeff Pfaendtner, SEAS’90 1996 (bronze medal)

William K. Purdy, C’68 1968

Phillip W. Stekl, C’78 1980, 1984 (silver medal)

C. Hugh Stevenson, C’72 1972, 1976

George H. Tintor, W,’79 1976 (Canada)

Thomas Woodman, G’81 1980

James Wynne, C’60 1956