Penn Sports Performance Announces Symposium

Science and Safety For Success
Sports Performance is a growing, multi-faceted field that strives to provide all-encompassing health care and support to athletes.

At the University of Pennsylvania we strive to be leaders in the field of Sports Performance. We pride ourselves on our use of new technologies, cutting-edge techniques and integrative communication to provide our athletes with a holistic approach to healthcare and support.

In this effort to continue to assist in the growing skill level of sports performance practicioners around the country, we are pleased to announce the University of Pennsylvania Sports Performance Symposium to be held May 21.

Nine leaders in their field will present impactful seminars on issues vital to modern sports performance -- including nutrition, injury prevention, sleep patterns, and implementing modern technology to better prepare athletes for competition.

Seminar attendees will be eligible for 0.8 CEUs as approved by the National Strength and Conditioning Association and 8.0 CEUs via the Board of Certification, Inc.

Download: Penn Sports Performance Symposium Brochure.pdf