Penn vs. La Salle - In-Game

PHILADELPHIA--Join Penn Athletic Communications in a live blogas theQuaker men's soccer team (1-3) hosts Philadelphia Soccer Seven rival, La Salle at 2:30 p.m., today.

Penn is looking to avenge a loss to the Explorers last season.

1 p.m. EST - We're about to start the second half of the Hartiwck-Lafayette game, score is tied 0-0 at the break.

1:47 p.m. - Still scoreless at the end of regulation for Hartwick-Lafayette. Lafayette's Phil Nelson made two key saves in the last moments to push over time.

2:36 p.m. - 17:00 left on the warm-up clock for the Penn-La Salle match. Hartwick-Lafayette drew, 0-0,in the first contest of the day.

2:45 p.m. - Six minutes left to warm-up. Starters are in: For Penn: Vereb, Fairman, Elicker, Livingston, Hobson, Porch, Grendi, Frank, Klein, Ferry and Healy in goal ... For La Salle: Perez, McMahon, Ortiz, Schaeffer, J. Heavey, Barry, Golden, Davis, Lydic, Whalen and Quigley in goal.

Some match notes: This is the first Philadelphia Soccer Seven match of the season ... Last season, the teams met on La Salle's field where the Explorers scored three unanswered goals to win 3-2 ... Both Penn goal scorers -- Ryan Tracy and Andy Howard --from that game graduated, but Klein was credited assists on both and Grendi was also credited an assist ...Lydic, Lehr and Ortiz scored La Salle's goals and all return this season.

2:55p.m. - The teams take the field, again, no anthem today having played it prior to the Hartwick-Lafayette game earlier today.

45:00 - La Salle kicks off.

36:20 - Healy makes a great save after Ortiz fires from point blank range.

33:50 - Goal kick for La Salle sends play down to Penn territory. Throw in for La Salle bounces through traffic to Healy.

32:30 - Elicker and Vereb provide solid defending and get the ball down to Klein who sends it just high and to the right.

30:54 - Richard Frank takes a run at the goal, but shanks the shot wide left.

30:02 - Foul La Salle.

28:39 - Cornerkick coming for Penn - Fairman out to take it on the right side. Keeper comes up with it... sends it to the midfield.

26:35 - Foul La Salle. Fairman plays Klein who sends it in, but no one there to finish, keeper takes the ball.

25:24 - La Salle gets in close on the left side, but Ortiz is too far back and his shot goes wide behind the net. Goal kick for Penn, play in the midfield.

24:22 - Grendi and Hobson trade the ball in the midfield, Klein and Elicker into the mix, Elicker sends the ball from far right to the keeper.

22:58 - La Salle - Mike Lehr in for Robby Golden.

22:19 - Foul Penn on a header dispute.Porch takes the kick on the chest and passes up to Klein. Klein's pass is intercepted by La Salle defender.

20:15 - Subs up for Penn: Unger and Mascarenhas in for Porch and Grendi.

19:13 - For La Salle Ryan Richter in for Colin Whalen., on deck Ryan Tadley for Andrew Perez.

17:57 - La Salle has another on deck, Daniel Heavey for Kevin Lydic.

16:09 - Foul La Salle, Vereb takes the kick. La Salle settles the ball and passes around the midfield. Penn intercepts.

14:33 - Jim Davis having a go at Penn's goal, wrapped up, defense clears.

13:40 - La Salle comes down hard into Penn territory, ball comes out to midfield, La Salle taking its time with men downfield, Frank races back and takes away the service.

11:20 - Klein out for a cornerkick, cleared. Penn subs Olopade for Ferry and Shokoufandeh for Frank.

9:59 - La Salle subs Ryan Dougherty for Jeremy Ortiz. Penn has Loukas Tasigianis on deck for Mike Klein.

8:08 - Olopade chases the ball down, but La Salle knocks out. Fairman out of the right side for a corner, keeper punches it over the cross bar, Fairman takes the second corner from the left. Cleared.

2:33 - In for La Salle Jim Guntle for Brian Barry.

00:00 - Half-time, Tied 0-0. Stats ... no cards ... Shots: Penn 2, La Salle 2 ... Saves: Penn (Healy) 1, La Salle (Quigley) 0 ... Corners: Penn 4, La Salle 0 ... Fouls: Penn 5, La Salle 6.

45:00 - Penn will kick off in the second.

41:55 - Ortiz coming in one on one with Vereb, Ortiz crosses, but Fairman takes away the lane.

41:06 - Ferry chases the ball down, but defender knocks it out, Livingston in for a long throw in, cleared.

39:15 - Cornerkick, Fairman on the right side. Ferry tries to head it low left, it bounces wide.

38:08 - Healy dives for the save, rebound is loose, but no one able to capitalize, Healy recovers the ball.

37:31 - Frank has great shot, beats the keeper, but hits the cross bar near the right corner. Livingston throws in for Penn, keeper makes the grab, clears to midfield.

34:35 - Penn had a sliding shot from Frank at 36:40 and then another clear shot from Grendi on the left side, out wide right.

33:28 - GOAL PENN! Alex Fairman out for a corner, Keith Vereb knocks it in to put the Quakers on the board with the lead, 1-0.

31:51 - Yellow card to La Salle Walter McMahon.

28:42 - Kevin Unger replacing Brian Mascarenhas.

27:00 - Livingston with long throw in, right side. Good opening on the left side, but Ferry isn't there soon enough and is cut off by the defender.

24:51 - Corner kick for La Salle, J. Heavey header high over the cross bar. Penn: Klein in for Frank.

23:30 - Foul Penn, Grendi blocks theservice, throw in for La Salle.

19:17 - Clock stopped for La Salle (Ortiz) injury. He collided with Healy in the box. The ball was saved from the goal by Vereb.

Play restarted.

18:02 - Yellow card to Mike Klein.

17:48 - Yellow card to La Salle Ortiz.

17:15 - Ball is knocked around right side, Ferry takes a shot... saved.

16:29 - Ferry serves from the left, Klein tries to head it in, no luck.

16:00 - Klein takes another hard shot, saved. La Salle has Dougherty on deck for McMahon.

14:49 - Grendi out for a cornerkick, assessed a yellow card for delay of game. Ball is cleared.

13:00 - Penn has Mascarenhas on deck for Porch... La Salle still waiting to enter Dougherty.

11:25 - Ferry takes a short from the right, saved, over the net, cornerkick Penn - Fairman out to kick. Cleared.

9:51 - Foul Penn, close to the box, served in to the scrum, and safely cleared.

8:20 - Grendi gives a great ball to Unger, dead on the goal, the defender is too quick and Unger has to slide for control.

6:37 - La Salle, playing with desperation find the net to tie the score, 1-1. Jim Davis scores from Dan Heavey.

3:13 - Subs have gone in... Penn: Shokoufandeh for Klein, Frank for Grendi ... La Salle: McMahon for Dougherty and Tadley for Heavey.

00:59 - Ferry and keeper collided, Quigley comes out with injury, Dan Pfeiffer comes in for the Explorers.

00:00 - Penn 1, La Salle 1 - headed for overtime!

10:00 - Golden goal situation in overtime... Penn kicks off

8:40 - Two corners for Penn, cleared.

6:29 - Offsides Penn...

4:43 - Klein shot wide right. Picked up by the goalie.

3:10 - Foul Penn... Grendi on deck for Shokoufandeh.

1:24 - La Salle's Perez unhappy about a out of bounds call, booked with a yellow card.

00:00 - Still tied end of first overtime... Penn outshot La Salle in the first OT 3-1.

10:00 - La Salle kicks off second OT.

03:41 - Penn has two chances, saved.

3:02 - Klein takes a hard hit from the right, saved, corner kick.

2:00 - Frank has a near miss.

00:45 - Foul La Salle - Livingston serves, Hobson header saved.

00:05 - Foul La Salle - Healy playing out in the field kicks it, high.

00:00 - Tie game - Penn 1, La Salle 1.