Pinciotti Wins Overall Title at 2012 Iron Quaker

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PHILADELPHIA - Prior to the start of the spring season, the University of Pennsylvania football team held its sixth annual "Iron Quaker" competition. For the second time, the event was held in the new state-of-the-art athletic weight room facility inside the George A. Weiss Pavilion. Offensive lineman Michael Pinciotti earned the distinction as Penn's strongest player, while defensive back Kyle Wilcox won the pound-for-pound title.

Pinciotti claimed the top clean lift en route to the overall Iron Quaker title. The West Chester, Pa., native earned the victory with a combined weight of 1,305 in the clean, bench and squat. His clean lift tied with fullback Greg Schuster for the top spot at 365 lbs.

Defensive lineman Jimmy Wagner had the team's top bench press as he put up 435 pounds. Last year's overall champion, running back Brandon Colavita, scored the top squat lift at 570 pounds and top deadlift at 655 pounds.

Under the direction of Head Strength and Conditioning Coordinator Jim Steel and assistant coordinator John Keller, the team competes in various lifts-clean, squat and bench press. Awards are given to those who lift the most weight in each category as well as the Iron Quaker award, which is given to the player with the greatest index score - a summation of the player's three lifts multiplied by a constant assigned depending on the player's weight, in order to compensate for size differences.

The "Iron Quaker" was started by the coaching staff in 2007 and is usually the culmination of the off-season conditioning program for the squad.

Penn began its spring season last week, with their first practice held on March 13.

Recent Winners:
2011 - Brandon Colavita (overall), Justyn Williams (pound-for-pound)
- Jared Sholly (overall), Jake Peterson (pound-for-pound)
- Eric Jett (overall), Chris Wynn (pound- for-pound)
- Jake Peterson (overall), Tyson Maugle (pound-for-pound)