Ray Bethea Wins ESU Open Championship

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EAST STROUDBURG, Pa. – Sophomore Ray Bethea was the highlight for Penn’s wrestlers on Sunday at the East Stroudsburg Open, winning five matches to claim the championship at 157 pounds. Bethea had three major decisions en route to his first collegiate championship, including an 11-2 defeat of Penn State’s Caleb Livingston in the quarterfinals. Bethea would win his semifinal match over Drexel’s Austin Rose, 4-1, before posting a matching 4-1 won over Brown’s Justin Staudenmayer in the title bout.

Heavyweight Anthony DiLonardo advanced to the quarterfinals with a pair of wins, ultimately earning sixth place.

The Red and Blue begin the 2013-14 dual season at No. 22 Maryland. On Nov. 24, Penn will host its annual early-season tournament, the Keystone Classic, at The Palestra.

125 - Jeremy Schwartz
First Round: def. Andrew Moskowitz (Kutztown), 15-0 (4:02)
Second Round: lost to Sean Badua (USMAPS), 4-7
Consolation First Round: lost to Austin Carnacci (Millersville), 6-9 (SV)

141 – Eric Friedman
First Round: Bye
Second Round: def. Matthew Harris (Alderson-Broaddus), 7-5 (SV)
Third Round: lost to James Carucci (Lehigh), 6-7
Consolation Third Round: def. Mitch Voelker (Kutztown), 6-4
Consolation Fourth Round: lost to Derek Goodwin (Bloomsburg), 5-7

149 – A.J. Murabito
First Round: def. Chris DeDeyn (East Stroudsburg), FALL 3:57
Second Round: lost to Brendan Goldup (Sacred Heart), 6-8
Consolation First Round: lost to Michael Underwood (Rutgers), FALL 4:44

157 – Ray Bethea
First Round: Bye
Second Round: def. Matt Wax (East Stroudsburg), 14-4
Third Round: def. Mark Lentz (Shippensburg), 12-3
Quarterfinals: def. Caleb Livingston (Penn State), 11-2
Semifinals: def. Austin Rose (Drexel), 4-1
Finals: def. Justin Staudenmayer (Brown), 4-1

174 – Quinton Hiles
First Round: lost to Brendan McKeown (East Stroudsburg), 2-12
Consolation First Round: def. Dan Wojtaszek (TCNJ), 6-4
Consolation Second Round: lost to Patrick Davis (Team Delaware), 1-5

285 – Anthony DiLonardo
First Round: def. Dennis Atiyeh (FLWC), 6-0
Second Round: def. Nate Gaffney (All-American Wrestling Club), 6-0
Quarterfinals: lost to Ziad Haddad (Kutztown), 5-16
Round of 12: def. Nicholas Lupi (Sacred Heart), 4-3
Consolation Semifinals: def. Steven Graziano (Penn), medical forfeit
Fifth Place Match: lost to Zachary Roseberry (Delaware Valley), 4-6

In addition to the six wrestlers competing for Penn at the ESU Open, many wrestlers who could see time in Penn’s lineup entered the event unattached. Their results are listed below,

133 – Ken Bade
First Round: def. Andrew Mauriello (Drexel), 15-0 (5:19)
Second Round: def. Cheick Ndiaye (FLWC), 14-4
Third Round: Def. Robert Trombetta (Bloomsburg), 12-2
Quarterfinals: lost to Nick Tighe (Binghamton), 5-8

141 – Jeff Canfora
First Round: Bye
Second Round: def. Nate Morgan (Penn State), 6-5 (TB)
Third Round: Def. Maverick Passaro (Hofstra), 6-4
Quarterfinals: lost to William Switzer (Lehigh), 3-10
Round of 12: def. Derek Goodwin (Bloomsburg), 8-3
Consolation Semifinals: def. Nate Morgan (Penn State), 3-2
Fifth Place Match: def. Michael Waters (Penn State), 3-1

149 – Andrew Lenzi
First Round: def. Michael Underwood (Rutgers), 7-2
Second Round: def. Tanner Sutton (Lock Haven), 18-2
Third Round: Def. Kyle Barns (Shippensburg), 7-5
Quarterfinals: lost to Daniel Pak (Gloucester), medical forfeit

157 – Steve Robertson
First Round: def. Mauricio Barrantes (Centenary), FALL 2:04
Second Round: def. Richard Munoz (Brown), 12-3
Third Round: def. Dustin Fuller (Navy), 10-4
Quarterfinals: def. Ray Schlitt (Bucknell), 10-4
Semifinals: lost to Justin Staudenmayer (Brown), 1-3

165 – Casey Kent
First Round: def. Benjamin Schweiger (Delaware Valley), 9-0
Second Round: def. Zach Pincus (Millersville), 17-0 (2:54)
Third Round: lost to Aaron McKinney (Lock Haven), medical forfeit

165 – Jun Yoo
First Round: lost to Andrew Kinney (Kutztown), 1-17
Consolation First Round: lost to Nick Moore (Gloucester), 6-8 (SV)

174 – Zach Agostino
First Round: def. Nick Mancini (Millersville), 6-1
Second Round: lost to David Fenton (Rider), 2-3
Consolation: Second Round: def. Tajea Johnson ((SUNY-Sullivan), FALL 2:40
Consolation Third Round: def. Timothy Schaeffer (Clarion), 4-2
Consolation Fourth Round: def. Zack Zupan (Binghamton), 7-6 (TB)
Consolation Fifth Round: lost to Brendan McKeown (East Stroudsburg), 1-4

174 – Dan McDevitt
First Round: Bye
Second Round: def. Luke Etter (Shippensburg), 4-2
Third Round: lost to Austin Wenzlaff (Millersville), 0-13
Consolation Third Round: lost to Colin Gironda (F&M), 0-8

174 – Brad Wukie
First Round: def. Nathan Cook (Lock Haven), 20-6
Second Round: def. Patrick Davis (team Delaware), 3-2
Third Round: def. Richard McDonald (Brown), 6-5
Quarterfinals: def. Andrew Church (Penn State), 12-5
Semifinals: lost to jack McKeever (Binghamton), 1-3 (TB)

184 – Chris Lai
First Round: def. Ryan Barry (New Wrestling Club), 9-5
Second Round: lost to Andrew Petroski (Kutztown), 1-3
Consolation Second Round: lost to Tyler Dibert (Clarion), 2-10

184 – Lorenzo Thomas
First Round: def. Travis Johnson (SUNY-Sullivan), FALL 1:22
Second Round: def. Tyler Wood (Lock Haven), 10-1
Quarterfinals: def. Ryan Wolfe (Rider), default
Semifinals: def. Ophir Bernstein (Brown), 10-6
Final: lost to Nate Brown (Lehigh), 4-7

197 – Harrison Cook
First Round: Bye
Second Round: def. Ricardo Rojas (USMAPS), FALL 0:30
Third Round: def. Josh Rogers (Penn State), 5-2
Quarterfinals: def. Charles Kerkesner (F&M), 13-5
Semifinals: def. Ray O’Donnell (Princeton), FALL 2:00
Final: lost to Frank Mattiace (Penn), 0-4

197 – Frank Mattiace
First Round: Bye
Second Round: def. Vincent Cordasco (Centenary), FALL 1:17
Third Round: def. Sebastien Levin (Brown), FALL 1:14
Quarterfinals: def. Cody Reed (Binghamton), 5-4
Semifinals: def. Michael Mirra (Bloomsburg), 5-0
Final: def. Harrison Cook (Penn), 4-0

285 – Steven Graziano
First Round: def. Vincent Barber (Centenary), 12-5
Second Round: lost to Daniel Ortiz (Kutztown), 3-6
Consolation Second Round: def. Charles Boddy (Bucknell), 3-2
Consolation Third Round: def. Francis Slover (Shippensbuirg), 6-4
Round of 12: def. Ryder Cavey (Brown), 6-5

Download: ESU Open Results.pdf