SAAC (Student-Athlete Advisory Committee)

2002-03 Student-Athlete Advisory Committee Members

Baseball - Steve Glass
Men's Basketball - Jeff Schiffner
Women's Basketball - Cat Makarewich
Heavyweight Crew - Tom Leonard
Lightweight Crew - Justin Arena
Women's Crew - Carla Frank
Men's Fencing - Yale Cohen
Women's Fencing - Christina Verigan
Field Hockey - Courtney Blenheim
Football - Kevin Stefanski
Men's Golf - Adam Squires
Women's Golf - Laura Dolan
Gymnastics - Courtney Morgan
Men's Lacrosse - Dave Delaney
Women's Lacrosse - Whitney Horton
Men's Soccer - Robb Jankura
Women's Soccer - Vanessa Scotto
Softball - Lisa McNeeley
Sprint Football - Adam Schlosser
Men's Squash - Elan Levy
Women's Squash - Linda McNair
Men's Swimming & Diving - Brendan Lang
Women's Swimming & Diving - Rachel Zappalorti
Men's Tennis - Todd Lecher
Women's Tennis - Sanela Kunovac
Men's Track & Field - Tom Vonreichbauer (President)
Women's Track & Field - Caroline Rebello
Volleyball - Lauren Carter
Wrestling - TBA

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee - Mission

The Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is a committee initiated in academic year 1996-97. The committee is made up of student-athlete representatives from each sport program. SAAC serves as a vehicle to promote communication between the Department of Athletics administration and student-athletes.

The role of the SAAC is to reflect the interests and concerns of the Penn student-athlete by the following:

•Provide a student-athlete voice within the department, discussing issues and concerns, and providing feedback as necessary.
•Provide student-athlete response to NCAA and Ivy League legislation and suggestions for proposed legislation.
•Foster student-athlete welfare issues (e.g., overall educational experience; cultural diversity and gender equity; health and safety; student-athlete/coach relationship; fairness, openness and honesty; student-athlete involvement.
•Foster achievement of academic and athletic goals.
•Foster community service efforts.

Bylaws of the University of Pennsylvania Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

Article I - Purpose

The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC herein) is intended to serve the following purposes:

Act as a liaison between the administration and student-athletes, thereby providing student-athletes with a voice in the Athletic Department decision-making. Alert student-athletes to issues concerning them and encourage and facilitate the involvement of student-athletes in campus and community issues.

Article II - Membership

Each varsity sport shall elect one representative, who must maintain academic and athletic eligibility. The length of the service shall be one year from March to March. Each representative shall organize the election of his or her replacement; a newly-elected representative shall bring signed verification of his/her status from his/her coach. A representative may be reelected by his/her team. Attendance Attendance shall be taken at each meeting. If a representative cannot attend, he or she must submit a valid excuse to the secretary. Representatives are allowed and encouraged to find substitutes from their teams. Teams which have official team events are excused and may vote by proxy. However, they must notify the secretary. The first unexcused absence will result in a warning. After a second unexcused absence, the Executive Committee reserves the right to terminate the representative's position. However, the representative may appeal this decision to the Executive Committee.

Article III - Structure

An Executive Committee will consist of: A President who is responsible for organizing and running meetings and acting as a spokesperson for the council. A Vice-President who will assume the President's duties in the President's absence, and assist the President whenever necessary. In addition, the Vice-President will head one committee. A Secretary who will record and distribute minutes for both general and Executive Board meetings, alert representatives of meetings, take attendance of representatives and monitor voting. Three chairpersons of committees. Two Ivy League representatives who will report activities of the University of Pennsylvania SAAC to the Ivy League and also report news from the Ivy League and NCAA to the University of Pennsylvania SAAC. Executive Committee membership: Shall be limited to eight members. SAAC shall elect each Executive Board member for a one-year term, from March to March. Each representative shall have one vote in this election. Sub-Committees Each SAAC member shall serve on a committee. SAAC members shall volunteer for committees of their choices. However, if the numbers of members on the committees are not balanced, the Executive Committee has the power to make necessary changes. Sub-committees shall include, but are not limited to: Facilities Communications Student-Athlete Life School Spirit and Community Service Each sub-committee shall make a report at each SAAC meeting.

Article IV Meetings:

SAAC shall meet on the first Monday of every other month during the fall and spring semesters. The Executive Committee shall meet every month. Each sub-committee must meet at least once between each general SAAC meeting. The general agenda will include a summary of the previous general meeting, a report from each sub-committee, business from the Athletic Department, new business and an open discussion session. Resolutions shall be passed by a simple majority of those representatives in attendance if a quorum is present. A quorum shall be one-third of all representatives. Amendments to the SAAC Constitution require a two-thirds vote of quorum.

Article V Resolution:

A two-thirds vote by all representatives in attendance at a SAAC meeting will enact this document. It shall take effect immediately upon passage.

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