Silengo, Grajales and Wiles Secure NCAA Wrestling Berths

BETHLEHEM, Pa. - Penn had two Quakers bounce back from semifinal losses yesterday and anothercome back from a quarterfinal loss to take thirdplace at the EIWA Championships, thusearning automatic bids to the NCAA Championships. Seniors Mike Silengo and Dustin Wiles finished third at the 125 pounds and 184 pounds, respectively.

Silengo defeated the No. 5 seed Matt Morkel of American, 10-6, in the consolation semifinals, and pulled out a 7-6 win over No. 4 seed William Simpson, 7-6. Wiles avenged two earlier losses to Harvard’s Louis Caputo by beating him in the consolation semifinals, 5-4, then handed Lehigh’s David Helfrich, a 5-1 defeat to earn his second trip to the NCAA Championships.

Freshman Cesar Grajales did a little avenging of his own. After falling to No. 4 seed Sal Tirico of Columbia in the quarterfinals, Grajales beat him in the third-place bout, 4-3, to earn the automatic berth. On his way to that match,Grajales defeated the No. 8 and No. 3 seeds.

Silengo and Grajales will head to the NCAA Championships for the first time.

Junior Gene Zannetti and senior Paul Velekei battled to take fifth place at 157 and 197 pounds, respectively. Zannetti fell to No. 2 seed Derek Zinck, 12-6, to land in the fifth-place bout, where he took a major decision overArmy's Brian Rowan, 13-0. Velekei lost in overtime to Charles Martin of Army, 5-1, but dominated Orrin Heinkleinz, 18-6, to take fifth.

Zannetti and Velekei will look to secure one of the EIWA’s 14 wild-card spots. The wild-card selections will be announced later today.

Penn’s Matt Valenti (125), Matt Dragon (149) and Matt Herrington (174) will appear in their respectivechampionship matches later today, beginningat 3 p.m. The three Matts have already secured spots at the NCAA Championships.

125 pounds - Mike Silengo (No. 3 seed/No. 13)

Championship Round

first round bye

def. No. 6 seed Jeff Schell (Brown) MD;11-3

lost to No. 2 seed Matt Fisk (Lehigh), D;7-2

Consolation Round

def. No. 5 Matt Morkel (American), D; 10-6

def. No. 4 William Simpson, D;7-6 (Third Place)

133 pounds - Matt Valenti (No. 1 seed/No.7)

Championship Round

def. Dan Appello (Brown), D;8-2

def. No. 8 Jeff Santo (Lehigh) D: 11-6

def. No. 4 seed Joe Baker (Navy), D;11-8

141 pounds - Cesar Grajales (No. 5 seed)

Championship Round

first round bye

lost to No. 4 Sal Tirico (Columbia), MD 12-3

Consolation Round

def. Eric Marcotulli (Princeton), MD; 13-4

def. No. 8 seed Kyle Ferris (ESU), D; 6-0

def. No. 3 seed Steve Adamcsik (Rutgers), 4-3

def. No. 4 Sal Tirico (Columbia) , D; 4-3 (Third Place)

149 - Matt Dragon (No. 1 seed/No. 15)

Championship Round

first round bye

def. Robert LaTessa (Harvard), F;3:24

def. No. 4 seed John Cox (Navy), D; 11-7

157 pounds - Gene Zannetti (No. 4 seed)

Championship Round

def. Andrew Smith (F&M), F;2:44

def. No. 5 seed John Jarred (Navy), D;12-9

lost to No. 1 seed Dustin Manotti (Cornell), TF; 20-5

Consolation Round

lost to No. 2 seed Derek Zinck (Lehigh), D;12-6

def. Brian Rowan (Army), MD;13-0 (Fifth Place)

174 pounds - Matt Herrington (No. 2 seed/No. 17)

Championship Round

def. Dwayne Hash (American) TF;20-5

def. No. 7 seed David Sullivan, MD;12-4

def. No. 3 seed Matt Palmer (Columbia) , D; 8-5

184 pounds - Dustin Wiles (No. 5)

Championship Round

first round bye

def. No 4 seed Rudy Medini (Rutgers), F;4:02

lost to No. 1 seed John Glenn (American), D; 6-0

Consolation Round

def. No. 3 seed Louis Caputo (Harvard), D; 5-4

def. No. 8 seed David Helfrich (Lehigh), D; 5-1 (Third-Place)

197 pound - Paul Velekei (No. 3 seed)

Championship Round

def. Nicolas Somers (F&M), MD;16-6

def. OrrinKleinhenz(Columbia), MD; 12-4

lost to No. 2 seed Matt Cassidy (Lehigh), D; 3-2

Consolation Round

lost to Charles Martin (Army), D; 5-1

def. Orrin Kelinhenz (Columbia), MD; 18-6 (Fifth place)