Softball Spring Break 2009 Blog

Day one in Florida!

The Lady Quakers spent this afternoon enjoying 80 degree weather, lounging by the pool and catching the early bird special with fellow retirees at Smokey Bones...jealous? Practice this morning produced a dazzling array of farmer tans, but we would trade the annex for the fields of Florida any day.

Yesterday, the class of 2012 survived their first (and last) hazing exercise as they serenaded baggage claimers at the Orlando airport with a top-notch version of “the Red and the Blue.” (And by top notch we mean nails on a blackboard crossed with William Hung).

Tonight we’re all lounging around and enjoying our spacious condos at Saratoga Villas. Freshmen Jamie and Sarah have changed out of their matching cardigans from dinner and are discussing the deliciousness that was the leaning tower of chocolate...and everyone is looking forward to tomorrow and picking up two wins.

- Susan Miller and Jamie Boccanfuso

2-0 today!

Our first back to back wins. What did it take? How about a late start, pancakes, a little pep talk from coach, and clutch hits left and right. We got beat up a little. “But it feels good. It feels real good” (Coach)...even if we are writing while Alisha shoots electrodes into her knee. Special thanks to Lauren for taking care of us. We seem to manage to give ourselves an awful lot of bumps and bruises and she always gets us back on the field.

One of the highlights of my day today was getting out on the mound to throw relief in the second game. I got out there and coach handed me the ball with a runner on third and I knew that we had to get out of the inning. It is a pretty cool feeling to be out there on the mound at night, under the lights, in a tight ball game. I knew that I just had to make my pitches and my teammates would back me up in the field. They were great tonight, especially Diana in right field who got me out of some tough spots. It was so comforting to hear the girls behind me and know that we were going to win the game together. I could look over at Bridget in her mask, Taylor over at third, or Alisha behind the plate and it just felt right to be out there. Now tonight we are all icing down and relaxing so we can be rested for our 6 a.m. wake up call tomorrow morning. I also think I definitely missed a few spots with the sunscreen today, so I think my mini goal for tomorrow will be to get full coverage.

At the end of the day, we feel good. Coach says tomorrow’s gonna be tough, so we’re resting up and getting ready to give it to the next team to step on the field with us. Stay tuned...

- Cailyn Hennessy and Alisha Prystowsky

DAY OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was our day off, which was much needed after playing six games in the last three days. As usual, Alisha and Justine woke up at four in the morning to go for a ten-mile run then took a trip to the batting cages to sharpen their softball skills with local senior citizens. The Disney enthusiasts raced to one of the many parks at Disney World to experience an awe-inspiring High School Musical performance, and Kelsey added a sweet Mickey Mouse shirt to her growing collection. Emily, predictably, shopped until she dropped at the outlets (and, invariably, she will try to make me carry some of her purchases in my bag on the plane). Some of the Vitamin D-inclined team members spent their day trying to get rid of their uniform tan lines.

Captain Quake-O enjoyed a relaxing spa day with her mother and a scrumptious steak dinner. Keiko’s better half, Susan, spent the day at the ballpark with Anna watching the Tigers beat the Yankees. The anticipation is great as the team awaits the return of Lauren to see how many bruises she got from her wake boarding adventure. Let’s see who wins the bruise race: Lauren or Alisha, with Taylor and Jamie trying desperately to round out the top three spots.

- Meg Krasne and Emily Denstedt


The Quakers’ extended stay at the Saratoga Resort Villas is slowly coming to an end. We enjoyed the night with a poolside BBQ, accompanied by a come-back skit from Melissa, Lauren, and Leigh. The skits poked fun at our training room follies and were laughed at in good fun.

In our second game, B-McDiggy (Bridget McDougall) ripped a shot into right center for what would have been a double. Taylor Tieman, running at first base, fell to her knees in pure excitement. Although Taylor adamantly swears she tripped on her shoelace, the fact of the matter is, she fell harder than Paul Bunyan. She would like to publicly thank Brett Crossland, our strength and conditioning coach, for teaching us burpees (noun (pl): The martial art of peeling yourself off the ground as quickly as gravity will allow) because that’s the first thing she thought of face down on the dirt before she darted towards second base with her tail between her legs.

But, in all seriousness, the Fighting Lady Quakers dropped two heartbreaking one-run games managing to mount exciting rallies in each game until the very last out.

The Penn Softball team is looking to enjoy its last double header in the sun before their return to the City of Brotherly Love.

P.S. We probably enjoyed writing this blog more than you have enjoyed reading it J

- Keiko Uraguchi and Alisha Prystowsky


Yayyy!! After a hard week of softball we ended on a high note with a win against Florida A & M. Now its time to go back to Philly and model our tan faces and pale bodies...except for Lish who can pass as Lilo. The celebration began in Coach DJ Ed Macarack’s van as he blasted a techno version of Britney’s “Womanizer.” Once we got to back to the hotel, we frolicked on the playground and then took the wild party to the customer-deprived Denny’s, where we still had to wait to be seated.

Lish, Sarah, Tory, Tay, Chels, Jamie, and I ordered right away to satiate our monster appetites. Tory ordered another salad, and Tay made Lish order burritos. Jamie ordered a RazzDango. Guess what that is? Yeah, we don’t really know either. But it looked like a Shirley Temple with a lime. Surprisingly, Sarah was still hungry even though she ate four bags of Whole Grain Goldfish... While all this was going on, Justine was busy consuming the contents of room 2877’s refrigerator. (Then she went for a 4 hour jog). Then Melissa took us to Rita’s for some delicious gelatis. And now I’m sitting in my room 2 hours later and Jamie and Sarah are STILL eating.

- Diana Ark and Tory Satagaj