Sports Performance to Partner With SpartaTrac

PHILADELPHIA - In the latest nod toward the use of technology and analytics, the University of Pennsylvania’s Sports Performance staff has announced a partnership with SpartaTrac to use its ForcePlate technology to better serve Penn’s student-athletes.

The ForcePlate technology will be put in to the George A. Weiss Pavilion's Greene Family Intercollegiate Strength and Conditioning Center in early January, ahead of Penn's student-athletes arriving back on campus for the start of spring semester.

SpartaTrac scientifically combines powerful analytic software with patent-pending evaluation tools to help our clients create healthier, stronger, more connected athletes. SpartaTrac counts among its users the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers; the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons and Jacksonville Jaguars; Major League Baseball’s Colorado Rockies; and, at the college level, the Kansas men’s basketball program.

SpartaTrac allows Penn’s coaches to see a clearer picture of their athletes’ preparation, grow their program through innovation, and optimize their athletes’ development.

Penn’s strength and conditioning staff, meanwhile, can utilize SpartaTrac’s flexible framework to create custom programs, automate repetitive tasks, and increase efficiency for their athletes and staff.

“My staff is extremely excited about adding the Force Plate to our arsenal of modalities,” said Penn’s Director of Strength and Conditioning, Jim Steel. “It will enable us to further enhance the athlete's performance by diagnosing strengths and weaknesses, and we will also be able to show improvement within short periods of training. This technology is amazing. I am floored by the work that Dr. Phil Wagner has put into this project, and we can't wait to get started.”

SpartaTrac also allows Penn’s athletic trainers to monitor the athletes through published evidence, increasing the communication with the coaches and reducing injury through objective models.

"SpartaTrac allows us to continually meet our standard of excellence in the Penn Sports Performance Division,” said Eric Laudano, Penn’s Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Performance and Head Athletic Trainer. “The software, technology, data analysis, phone application, and individualization assist us to continue to be on the cutting edge of student-athlete health and wellness. SpartaTrac give us the ability to set the standard of student-athlete holistic development within the Ivy League.This system allows us the opportunity to enhance our ability to manage the health care of our student-athletes and incorporate a transparent interdisciplinary model across our Team Physicians, Certified Athletic Trainers, Certified Strength and Conditioning specialists, sports nutritionist, coaches, administrators, and student-athletes to achieve championship-caliber success on the field."

So what is the SpartaTrac model?

1) Create Templates – Save workouts in drop-down style templates for future use or sharing/ editing with staff

2) Mobile Apps – Access workouts anywhere/ anytime with easy input for athlete monitoring

3) Automated Program – Assign templates to teams or individuals on specific days/ times for desired periodization

4) Central Library – Define prescriptions or exercises with specified intensity/ volume progression

5) Injury Management – Input, track, manage athlete injuries that can be available immediately to communicate with sport and strength coaches

6) Communication – Historical and “real time” info on athlete injuries, performance and consistency for RTP between Sports Medicine, Strength Coaches and

7) Signature Continuum – Statistically validated, patent pending assessment for positional needs, injury risk reduction and fatigue monitoring

8) Specific Dashboard – Define security roles/ access to allow for quick and convenient athlete overviews

What Penn’s Coaches Are Saying

“This new technology improves the health and safety of our kids, and keeps us at the forefront of injury prevention. The Penn Sports Performance staff is routinely considered one of the best in the nation, and continues to enhance the well-being of our athletes. With our athletes’ safety in mind, this technology provides us with the ability to improve our training and development, and can take our program to a new level.”
Ray Priore, George A. Munger Head Coach of Football

“I am so excited to have SpartaTrac software and the Force Plate system available to my athletes this next year, because it allows my staff to see exactly how our training, both on the volleyball court and in the weight room, affects our athletes individually. We have always had individualized workouts within the team workouts with Coach Steel, but SpartaTrac will allow us to measure these individual workouts and show us how nutrition, sleep, and even heavy workout days affect our athletes. I can then design our practices based on who needs more recovery and who can be pushed more. I’ve always strived to get the most out of each of my athletes, and this technology will help me even more while also educating our athletes about how to maximize their athletic potential when they leave the gym. Already, some of my athletes have used this while training in the Bay area during the summer, and it’s no surprise they are All-Ivy players. I look forward to seeing how this software, combined with our Sports Performance team at Penn, can help our athletes be the best and win more championships.”
Kerry Carr, Kenneth L. Gross Head Coach of Volleyball

"We are extremely excited about the addition of the Force Plate to our Strength & Conditioning assets. It is a cutting-edge tool that will have distinct and tangible impacts on all of our programs here at Penn. First, it will keep our athletes healthier from a weight room testing perspective, and it will also help us to train our athletes more strategically and effectively. Additionally, it should have a significant impact on our recruiting, because there aren’t many Division I athletic programs who have this technology. The Force Plate will give prospects who want to use the most sophisticated training tools, while at the same time earn a world-class education, another reason to choose Penn.”
Mike Murphy, James H. Greene, Jr. Head Coach of Men’s Lacrosse