Spotlight on Meghan Rose

A summer break at Penn serves as a great opportunity for student-athletes to work on their games, travel or intern throughout the four long months; and for someone like Meghan Rose it means doing all of the above.

Rose, a sophomore in Wharton from Garden City, N.Y. managed to keep her summer vacation quite eventful and busy.
After taking most of May off for some well earned relaxation, she took to work.

"I had an internship at Bear Wagner in June, which is a specialist firm on the floor of the New York Stock exchange. It was an amazing experience, I learned so much," she said.

However, being the dedicated athlete that she is, field hockey training could not take a back seat – and what better thing to do than attain some foreign instruction abroad.

"I trained in Barcelona, Spain at the Athletic Terrassa Hockey Club. It was a Dutch camp that my sister and I went to," explains Rose. "The Dutch kids are just so good. They treat the sport so differently over there. We learned skills and did drills that I had never done before in an American camp. Their skills are just so far superior, it is a given that everyone knows the basics," she says of the differences she observed.
"It is actually more popular for men to play. We slept on air mattresses in a gym. We ate peanut butter and jelly for two meals a day and played for about six hours a day including at least one game a day. My tournament team even made it to the final but lost in penalty strokes," said Rose.

Training was vital to the visit, but her impressions would not have been so broad without the sightseeing.

"We got to go to the beach and tour in Barcelona. The city is gorgeous. The architecture is amazing," Rose said of her cultural impressions.
"All the people I met were so nice. The Dutch kids can all speak English and I have even kept in touch with a few of them. It gives them a chance to practice their English. I also met a lot of nice people from Ireland, who were also at the camp. It was an unforgettable experience," she said.

Rose's rigorous summer has come to an end though, and the fall season has already begun.

"I feel really well prepared, playing against people so much better than you forces you to play at a higher level and improve. Plus it was such a confidence booster when I did do well playing against them, just because of how good they are, it was a good feeling to know I could play with them," said Rose about her improvement.

Throughout the summer she also tested her newly acquired skills in match play and did "fairly well in all three tournaments," she says.
"I think we are a really competitive league in the NCAA," says Rose, and the midfielder has all the experience to help her judge. "I'm not any kind of flashy player; I just like to get the job done. I am a better passer than a ball handler, coaches have always told me I see the field and the game really well.”

Written by Julia Koulbitskaya, C’08