Sprint Football Spotlight On ... Mike Loguidice

You may have heard that “bad things come in threes, but watching Penn's starting quarterback Mike Loguidice you begin to think twice. This sophomore is proof that good things come in trios, too.

“Mike has been playing so well for us this season, and each game he continues to improve. He has a lot of ability not only as a passer, and a runner, but as a punter as well, making him a triple threat,” Head Coach Bill Wagner asserts. And with 35 Penn seasons’ worth of experience under his belt, you can bet he knows what he is talking about. “We haven’t had a triple-threat at Penn in quite a while.”

Loguidice appeared in all games his rookie season, logging an impressive 10-19 completions. But that was just the beginning. He opened his sophomore season by throwing 251 yards against Cornell, which was enough to start his record-setting ways with Penn’s second-most completed yards in a single game. Princeton was his next victim. His four touchdown passes for 231 yards and the 49-8 victory were enough to garner the CSFL (Collegiate Sprint Football League) Offensive Player of the Week title. And now, just two games and a league-leading 482 yards into the season, Loguidice is a mere 294 yards from Penn’s single-season passing yards record. With four remaining games and averages of 241 yards per game and 62 percent pass completion working in his favor, this record is as good as his.

Not only is Loguidice a triple threat on the field, but he has three tremendous assets going for him in the game of life as well. Aside from athletics, the Bethlehem, Pa. native also excels in both the academic and personal realms. Loguidice is a biochemistry major whose scholastic goals include keeping his grades up so as to get into medical school and, like his father, become a surgeon. He admits this is no easy task since life as a student-athlete often requires him to go directly from practice to exams or, alternately, from an exam to practice. But “ambition” might as well be his middle name.

While athletic and academic talents are amazing assets, it is Mike’s character that rounds him out. He continues the intense commitment to off-season training and conditioning he learned at Liberty High School.

“The time and effort he spends in the weight-room alone merits mention. It may not be an exaggeration to say that our quarterback is the strongest player on our team,” senior co-captain Mike Russo said. “As a leader, you can’t be winded on the field. You have to come into the season in your best shape to dominate your opponents and motivate your team.”

It was this same team that made Mike choose football over his three other varsity sports when deciding to play in college.

“There is a special camaraderie among the guys, a bond with your teammates. It is a brotherhood of sorts. We watch each others’ backs,” Loguidice said.

Not only does he have their backs, but he has their hearts, too. His tendency to story-telling and his apparent lack of timidity have made him a favorite on the team.

“I’m the guy who likes to goof around and make people have fun. It gets people to come to practice and feel closer to the team, making them better-off both on and off the field,” Loguidice confessed.

Senior co-captain and offensive lineman Adam Schlosser is of the same opinion.

“It’s not so uncommon to walk into our locker room on game-day and find a group of a dozen guys sitting around laughing their brains out while Mike is standing up telling one of his countless jokes or doing one of his patented impersonations,” he said. “This isn’t to say Mike doesn’t take the game or his responsibility as starting quarterback seriously, because his impeccable off-season training and intensity during practice most definitely demonstrate his commitment and dedication to being the best he possibly can be.”

Senior co-captain Patrick Monaghan, like Coach Wagner, pinned Mike’s skills down to a terrific trio: “He has an excellent arm, great vision, and really knows how to take control of the offense.”

Three seems to be Loguidice’s number. Even Loguidice’s jersey, number 13, is consistent with this theme. One couldn’t choose a better game than tonight’s, number three of the season, to be the record-shattering one.

~ Written by Maren McCauley, C’06