State of Penn Volleyball

Our success states that the Penn volleyball program is a dynasty of sorts. We are here to stay through thick and thin, through recruiting classes, through senior classes. It means the program is strong overall from top to bottom. We have established that we are a top-level program and another title would only further solidify Penn’s position among recruits.

There are always going to be multiple programs in the Ivy League that are strong and remain that way, but winning three or four championships over a period of time shows that Penn should always be considered in the top tier and speaks to the future of the program.

To me, the successful season is that when the team has the right heart and the right attitude and we win when we should win. It is all out all the time, whether it is practice or in a match situation. It is also important that we see each other as a family. If those things happen than I feel I have succeeded as a coach. The winning is secondary. For me to be a good coach, all of those factors have to be in place.

Students choose Penn fora combination of factors. Being an Ivy League school is a big factor and being one of the top Ivy Leauge schools is another big factor. Looking outside of the Ivy League, the recognition of academic excellence is paramount to a student-athlete and his/her parents when making a decision on where to obtain a college education.

Athletically, we are a top-50 program and I think that everyone that chooses Penn does so for the combination of academics and athletics. They don't just select Penn based solely on academics or athletics. They select Penn because we have great academics and an excellent volleyball program. I think Penn has the perfect balance and combination of both factors.