Swimming ?Leaves It In The Pool?

PHILADELPHIA - Last Tuesday the Penn men's and women's swimming teams took part in the "Hour of Power" relay to raise money for cancer research.

Both teams took to the motto of the event to "Leave it in the pool" during the hour of continuous relay swimming. The "Hour of Power" relay is in honor of former Carleton swimmer Ted Mullin, who passed away in the fall of 2006 from sarcoma, a rare soft -tissue cancer.

Funds raised through this event support research at the University of Chicago into the causes and treatment of sarcoma in young people. When the event began in 2006, 15 teams joined together to raise team spirit, cancer awareness and $11,000. Last year, the number of participating teams exploded to 104, including 85 college and university programs, 17 high school & club teams, and two students-abroad teams. This year the number participants grew to 130 teams and over 6,000 athletes.

Penn was one of two Ivy League schools to take part in the event, Princeton being the other, which consists of continuous relays, any stroke, all-out swimming, for an hour. Area schools Villanova and Brwn Mawr also participated.

For more information on the event please visit the Carleton website (click here).