The Names and Numbers Are In

How big is the 2005 edition of the Penn Relay Carnival, the 111th running of the world’s largest three-day track and field meet?

Here are a few numbers:

· 924 high schools, from 17 states, Washington DC, 7 other countries

· 225 high schools are from New Jersey, 213 from Pennsylvania, 207 from New York

· 29 high schools are from Jamaica

· 241 colleges, from 34 states, Washington DC, 3 other countries

· 45 colleges are from Pennsylvania, 39 from New York

And here are some names (first or last) to look for:

· Besides the eight countries with college or high school representatives, there will also be an Asia taking part in the Carnival, as well as an Austria, Borneo, Denmark, Iran, Jordan, Kenya, Niger, Scotland, Spain and Tunisia.

· And a few cities, too: Florida, Houston, Liverpool and Los Angeles.

· There will be Egyptian queens, Nefertari and Nefertiti, as well as two Greek deities, Isis and Nike.

· There will be a tea bag, Earl Gray; a media mogul, Ted Turner; baseball Hall of Famers, Bob Gibson and Mike Schmidt, and one average infielder from the 1950s, Daryl Spencer; a former 76ers coach, Chris Ford, and a failed NFL quarterback, Ryan Leaf.

· Satin, Ivory, Diamond, Jewels, Salami and Turtle, and two “Seinfeld” cast members, Jayson (sic) Alexander and Michael Richards.

· One of the smoothest girls high school relay teams could be from East Orange Campus (NJ), which has a Mercedes, Porshe and Velvet running together.

· The longest name in the 2005 program looks to be Shelby Mitchell-Hollingsworth, of Shore A.C.

· And as she was last year, Jackie Gleason is entered on a relay team from Middletown (NY) South.

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Tickets for the Penn Relays can be purchased by calling the Penn Athletics Ticket Office at 215.898.6151. Don't miss a minute of this premier event!

--Frank Bertucci