The Penn Wrestling Experience

The time I had at Penn as a grappler was a great experience. Wrestling builds great discipline and character, much of which I have translated into my career. When you compete at the collegiate level, you must believe in yourself, be willing to sacrifice and still win. I think there are many lessons to be learned by young people who understand this and apply these characteristics to their later lives. Wrestling was, and will always be, a part of my life as both a sport and a source of self development. The Penn experience added to that and embodied great camaraderie. To see what Roger has done with this program makes me proud to be a Quaker and certainly proud to have served on the same team as both a wrestler and now as a supporter.

Ted Schlein, C'86
General Partner, Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers

Since my first days at Penn, my involvement with wrestling has been very positive. I doubt that there was a more interesting and accomplished group at Penn and we also managed to have some fun. Many of my teammates remain strong supporters of the program. I have been very fortunate to stay in contact with Penn wrestling and cheer on its remarkable accomplishments. I have gotten to know many of the terrific young men that have brought such distinction to Penn and Penn Wrestling. With Roger's leadership, there is strong involvement of and interest from alumni from all eras and a devoted parents' organization. Even parents of wrestlers that competed years ago are still an active part of the program. At nearly every competition and reception, there are many wrestling alumni from all eras with a passionate interest in the team.

Mike Willner, C'84
Kane, Willner & Holman, P.C.

A complete college educational experience isn't just what you learn in the classroom. My success in later life came as much from what I learned by being a part of the wrestling team as from what I learned in the classroom. It was through wrestling at Penn that I learned about self discipline, teamwork, confidence and tenacity. Combining these lessons of character with the things I learned in the classroom namely problem solving, intellectual curiosity, challenging the status quo, written expression, dialogue and debate created for me enormous preparation for the challenges I would face later in life. Penn was the defining experience that set me on the path to who I am today, and I will always be grateful to those who made that experience possible.

David S. Pottruck, C'70, WG'72
President & Co-Chief Executive Officer
The Charles Schwab Corporation

My experience on the Penn wrestling team could not have been a more positive one. The team has a very clear set of goals, a well devised plan of execution and a strong work ethic centered around one of the finest coaching staffs in the country. Being surrounded by so many people committed to success, both on and off the mat, was essential in my development throughout college and provided me with the environment necessary to work consistently towards both team and personal goals. I am extremely proud to have been part of the success the program has achieved to date, and, more importantly, I look forward to seeing the team continue to improve and reach higher levels of national prominence.

Clinton Matter, W'97