USA vs. The World Press Conference

How did it feel winning an Olympic Gold Medal?

"It brought our country together because we were going through some turmoil at the time. For us individually it was great and an unexplainable feeling." - Aleen Bailey, Jamaica

"Putting four people together to accomplish that win is great." - Tanya Lawrence, Jamaica

On competing at the Penn Relays...

"The Penn Relays start off the realys for the outdoor season, I think it's great that we help promote the youth. Their energy while we're running and the energy from the crowd is great, and it's great for the States to get involved and help track and field grow in the US. When the World Championships come we hope to get the gold individually and as a group." -LaTasha Colander, United States

On the transition from College to World Class...

"I'm ready to run. The progression is going really well, the transtition was a little tough at first because normally I would have been running for a while so it was different to adjust so that I peak at the World Championship. We'll just keep training and we can stay amongst the competition." - Lauryn Williams, United States

How does it feel to be an Olympic Gold Medalist?

"It was an honor to win at the Olympics. We were a talented group of sprinters and we worked together throughout the year, pulled together fora great performance. It was all about teamwork." - Jason Gardener, Great Britain

"It was my first major medal at a major event. It was a success for me and the highlight of my career. I hope to continue to have more success." - Mark Lewis-Francis, Great Britain

Do you train for the individual events or the relay?

"For me it's the individual events and then the relays. We have ti best sprinters in the world, and we work hard and come together as a team, but the relays come second." - Coby Miller, United States

"I focus on training for whatever comes first, the Penn Relays is the first event. I'm justtrying to do good have good sticks and kick ass." - Shawn Crawford, United States

On the Penn Relays ...

"We get to show off our talent to the crowd and be an inspiration to the younger kids. The high school kids give off a lot of energy so it's a time to have fun." - Justin Gatlin, United States

On preparation for the Olympics ...

"We were forced to train hard and compete in a lot of events at the same time to qualify for the Olympics. It was hard work." - Jason Gardener, Great Britain

"We worked together twice a week for the first time, as far as I know, in the histroy of Great Britain." - Jason Gardener, Great Britain

On the relay team ...

"The key to a great relay team is confidence, you have to know that the guy in front of you is going to get it done. We have great sub 10 athletes and more training could make us unstoppable." - Justin Gatlin, United States

"Practice makes perfect, we just need to get our sticks smooth and get some chemistry with each other. Even the best basketball players in the world thrown together on an Olympic team can get waxed because they're doing their own thing, we have the best sprinters so we just have to work on the chemistry." - Shawn Crawford, United States

"Britain had a common goal to win the relay and they had several practices and they got it together and won. We tried to hype each other up and pull it together without the chemistry." - Shawn Crawford, United States

How did winning the Olympic Gold Medal change your life?

"It changed my life, I had more money to spend but I also got a little lazy. Instead of always going 100 percent I knew that I had time unitl April to get ready. But it's a blessing and I thank God for it everyday, I just wish I could get rid of the laziness." - Shawn Crawford, United States

"Things I had been hoping for since I was 10 happened so fast, I was only 22 and I won an Olympic Gold Medal. I had to ask myself who do I look up to now? The Gold Medal has a lot of responsibilty, I get recognized now. Now I'm just having fun and I think people will always remember what you've done." - Justin Gatlin, United States

"It's great to have Olympic Champion next to your name, but I still have goals and I'm getting old and I want to get an individual gold before I run out of time." - Jason Gardener, Great Britain

On accomplishing goals ...

"I'm working hard to accomplish goals and dreams, harder in practice than before. I just think it's great to represent the US and and honor to work with these great athletes." - Coby Miller, United States

What are your goals?

"My goals haven't changed, it was always to break a World Record. I got to do it. I'm going to try for it this year, I got the potential and I got my health so we'll see." - Shawn Crawford, United States

"I always wanted to win a Gold Medal and I did it. I slacked off a little bit, but it's great to come to smaller meet like the Penn Relays and watch the younger kids and my competitors it sparked my intrest again. Little kids always come up and want to race me and that's a strong inspiration. I also want to break World Records as well." - Justin Gatlin, United States

What's it like to train together?

"It's helped a lot, we feed off each other and knowing that a lot of top sprinters bump heads with their cockiness it's not like that for us. I don't feel alone because I know he's going through it too, and when we compete against each other may the best man win that day." - Justin Gatlin, United States

"Training together we really push each other, when we went to Athens it was like two soldiers on a battle field. It's good having each other because the younger kids keep dropping records and that sparks a fire as well. It's going to be another perfect year." - Shawn Crawford, United States

What was it like beating the US team?

"I've never seen a Great Britain team beat the United States before, it was an honor to be apart of that. When we went home we got looked after and we're going to receive a ME (Member of the British Empire) once we're all in the country together. We just have to keep the same spirit and mentality to do it again." - Mark Lewis-Francis, Great Britain

What's it going to be like competing against each other tomorrow?

"It's about the team getting the stick around and who's in front. I'm not going to be thinking, 'hey Mark and Jason had a great pass.'" - Justin Gatlin, United States

"It's a race to be won, and going to be the start to train for Helsinki." - Jason Gardener, Great Britain

Does it bother you that track isn't a highly recognized sport?

"It doesn't bother me, you can compare it to other major sports like football and basketball but it's the ability to train as an athlete. It's a blessing to compete because not everyone can do this. We're helping track grow and are the stepping stones to build it to the empire it should be." - Shawn Crawford, United States

"We just need someone to be the front runner and take the baton and show it to the US . Sometimes it feels like we're cattle being led to the track and then when we're victorious we're the King of the World." - Justin Gatlin , United States