Varsity Eight Heavyweights Win Two Races Saturday

PHILADELPHIA – A light rain was falling, but the water was noticeably calmer on the Schuylkill River from a day ago, as the No. 12 University of Pennsylvania heavyweight rowing team took one of four races from Northeastern, and two of three from George Washington on Saturday afternoon.

Penn’s top-eight defeated No. 2 Northeastern earlier the day to reclaim the Burk Cup, finishing ahead of the Huskies by just over a two second margin. In the final race of the day, with a light tailwind behind them, the Quakers top crew defeated No. 17 George Washington by a little over 12 seconds to retain the McCausland Cup.

The Quakers second varsity crew came up just short in its running versus Northeastern, falling by less than a second. In their race versus George Washington, the crew bounced back to win by a little over six seconds, also finishing ahead of Penn’s own third varsity crew.

In the Northeastern matchup, the Huskies had the upper hand in the first two races of the day, taking down Penn’s third and fourth varsity crews, both by margins of over 10 seconds.

The Quakers freshman team did not race against Northeastern and finished in the middle of the pack behind George Washington’s first freshman crew, while beating its second.

Penn’s heavyweights return to action on Saturday, April 12, when Princeton and Columbia travel to Philadelphia to take part in the Childs Cup.

Penn vs. Northeastern
Varsity 8 (Burk Cup)
1. Penn 5:35.9
2. Northeastern 5:38.3

2nd Varsity 8
1. Northeastern 5:40.0
2. Penn 5:40.9

3rd Varsity 8
1. Northeastern 5:48.3
2. Penn 6:00.4

4th Varsity 8
1. Northeastern 5:58.2
2. Penn 6:13.0

Penn vs. George Washington
Varsity 8 (McCausland Cup)
1. Penn 5:43.4
2. George Washington 5:55.9

2nd Varsity 8
1. Penn 5:53.8
2. George Washington 6:00.3
3. Penn 3V 6:15.8

1. George Washington 5:56.8
2. Penn 6:09.1
3. George Washington 2F 6:17.3