Villanova Game Quotes

Andy Talley, Villanova Head Coach:

“I knew they would fight back. I was very impressed with Penn. They know how to win football games. They fought us right to the end and could have easily pulled it out. Obviously, the difference was in the kicking game. The three missed field goals were really huge. ... We just lost the heart and soul of our defense.

“Penn was not exactly the team you’re looking to play after the big debacle last week, especially down here. They had a nice tune-up game in San Diego. They know a lot about our offense and our defense, and they are well-coached. It’s a quality win for us.

“Our block team did a wonderful job with the field goals because that really could have made a difference in the game.”

“I think what is important is that our offense improved tonight. Marvin really became more comfortable playing quarterback tonight.

“[Penn] is probably one of the best defenses there is. They are extremely well-known for their defense. Sixteen points against them on a night like tonight I think is a good tribute to our offense.”

Jamil Butler, #53, Villanova, Senior, Defensive End:

“We saw him (Raymond Ventrone, #28 Senior DB) go down, and we knew it was broken right then and there. Coach said it, Ray really is the heart and soul of our defense. It’s really disheartening to see him go down. We just tried to rally around him and get the win for him tonight. Our defense takes one snap at a time; no matter what the offense does, we have to focus on us. If they aren’t going to score, they aren’t going to win. That’s really our mentality.”

Al Bagnoli, Penn Head Coach:

“The game went pretty much according to how we thought it was going to happen. We thought it was going to be a relatively low-scoring game, and we thought that when we were given an opportunity to punt, we’d have to take advantage of it.

“I think we saw the offense grow up a bit today. We made some plays; unfortunately, we didn’t make enough. ... I am really proud of how hard they played. We expended a tremendous amount of energy and played with tremendous vigor for sixty minutes. I can’t ask for more effort.

“We’re going to have to muster up and regroup. Get the energy back under us, and it’s going to take a while to get all the energy that we expended back. Both teams played and played and played some more. I know we made a lot of mistakes; some of them were self-inflicted, some of them were caused by pressure the other team puts on you. We’re going to have to look at it, see how much there was of each, and made some adjustments, try to get ourselves a little bit better.

“Outside of the blocked attempts, Josh (Appell, #46) probably had the best punting game of his career. We were not only asking him to drive far, but also to control the direction of his kick because J.J. Outlaw was a pretty elusive kid back there. So, he did a great job.”

Kevin Stefanski, 30, Senior DB:

“I am proud of our guys, and like Coach said, the effort that was expended, but I don’t think we’re going to take this as a moral victory. There is obviously a lot of room for improvement. But coming out if this, we have to say to each other, we have to get more games, 8-0 has to be a realistic opportunity for us. We played well. We battled for sixty minutes, and that’s what we wanted to do.”