Volleyball Celebrates '14 Season at Annual Banquet

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. -- The University of Pennsylvania volleyball team held its annual banquet Friday night, celebrating the Quakers’ 2014 season. Chosen by the four seniors -- Meghan Connolly, Taylor Smith, Kendall Turner, and Trina Ohms – the team and family gathered for a meal at La Fontana Della Citta.

After dinner, Kenneth L. Gross Head Coach of Volleyball, Kerry Carr, gave a short speech about the themes from the past season. Upon relfection, Carr noted this past season was about being one team and learning life lessons, because they still won, despite what the record showed.

"This past season's record did not define us as a team," Carr said.

Carr awarded several players for their achievements of dedication to their team and to the volleyball program.

The night was then capped off by speeches from the junior and senior classes and a video full of memories from the journey of the 2014 season.

2014 Team Awards
Claire Rauscher Achievement Award: Michelle Pereira

Community Award: Taylor Smith
Rookie of the Year/Outstanding Newcomer: Kendall Covington and Emmy Friedler
Award of Excellence: Trina Ohms
Most Valuable Player: Alexis Genske
Coaches Award: Alex Caldwell