Whiting Named Rookie of the Week

HepsTrack Release

PHILADELPHIA – Last week, HepsTrack.com named its athletes of the week in cross country, and University of Pennsylvania freshman Cleo Whiting received Female Rookie of the Week. A Delta, Colo. native, Whiting joined the Penn cross country team with her twin sister, Clarissa, and was given the award for her performance at the Main Line Invitational.

Whiting finished first for the Quakers and third overall in the Friend Big 5 Invitational 4K in 14:29.37. Next on the list was the Main Line Invitational. Unforeseen events led to a late arrival at the Main Line Invitational, but that didn’t stop Whiting from performing well. Her time, 17:01.20, was good for a fifth-place finish overall and she once again placed first for the Quakers.

With a total of 19 runners on each team, both of Penn’s cross country teams are fairly young (15 freshmen and sophomores on the women’s team, 14 freshmen and sophomores on the men’s team). Despite it being a young group, the support and leadership hasn’t faltered, which makes watching the team’s improvement that much more exciting.