Women's Rowing Downs Saint Joseph's

PHILADELPHIA - The Penn women's rowing team garnered victories in the varsity 8+, varsity 4+, and second varsity 8+ against Saint Joseph's Friday afternoon on the Schuylkill River.

The Quakers and Hawks raced a 2,000-meter course on the Schuylkill, amid blustery conditions.

"I was really happy with our progress in these races, especially given the conditions," said head coach Mike Lane. "It was great preparation for our races next week, when we get into Cup competition against a pair of Ivy League schools."

The varsity eight gained a 13-second win over SJU, while both of Penn's boats in the varsity four were able to down their Hawk opponent. The Quakers also crossed the finish line first in the second varsity eight race, nipping Saint Joseph's by just 1.3 seconds. SJU's only victory came in the novice eight, where the Hawks clocked 6:46.87 to beat Penn by just over seven seconds.

The race times are below...

Varsity 8+
Penn 6:27.0; Saint Joseph’s 6:40.1
C. Sloane (cox), K. Purdy, R. Donald, K. Haneman, G. Kaplan-Stein, L. Donald, R. Carew, K. Ellison, P. O’Shaughnessy

Second Varsity 8+
Penn 6:47.0; Saint Joseph’s 6:48.3
L. Caffrey (cox), I. Hain, L. Hathaway, J. McEwan, L. Fox, K. Johnson, S. O’Donnell, E. McIntosh, M.E. King

Varsity 4+
Penn A 7:20.0; Penn B 7:28.8; Saint Joseph’s 7:43.6
A- A. Silberstein (cox), A. Matta, J. Ritchie, L. Mulligan, S. Foelster
B - C. Provey (cox), S. Madden, J. Holup, J. Wood, M. Howard

Novice 8+
Saint Joseph’s 6:46.7; Penn 6:54.0
C. Lewis (cox), M. Rieck, H. Duus, R. Reicherter, P. van den Berg, M. Davydenko, A. Ruel, S. Ridge, A. Chain

Novice 4+
Penn A 7:49.7; Penn B 7:58.2
A - E. Hoi (cox), M. French, J. Drossner, S. Robinson, B. Braun
B - A. Kopke (cox), E. Boettcher, S. Hallett, N. Ashbridge, L. Fitzgerald