Women's Rowing Finishes Third in Award Plaque

PRINCETON, N.J. – The University of Pennsylvania women’s rowing team finished third in the varsity 8 to Princeton and Dartmouth Saturday in the Award Plaque (1984 Trophy) at Lake Carnegie. Princeton won three of the four races the Quakers competed in. Penn’s only win came in the freshman 8.

In the varsity 8, the Quakers finished at 6:44.5. Princeton crossed the finish line at 6:39.6, while the Big Green came in at 6:41.6. The second varsity 8 did not fair well coming in fourth, a second behind Bucknell at 7:03.5.

In the varsity 4, Penn came in 26 seconds off Princeton’s pace at 8:10.8. The freshman 8 had a very strong performance. They came in 12 seconds ahead of second-place Dartmouth at 7:12.1. The Quakers’ second freshman 8 came in third at 7:34.9.

Penn will not race again until EAWRC Sprint on Sunday, May 13 in Cherry Hill, N.J.

Varsity 8

Princeton 6:39.6
Dartmouth 6:41.6
Penn 6:44.5
Bucknell 6:48.8

Second Varsity 8
Princeton 6:51.1
Dartmouth 7:00.9
Bucknell 7:02.7
Penn 7:03.5

Varsity 4
Princeton 7:44.3
Bucknell 7:55.7
Dartmouth 7:58.7
Penn 8:10.8

Freshman 8
Penn A 7:12.1
Dartmouth 7:24.4
Penn B 7:34.9
Bucknell 7:50.9