Women's Rowing Gears Up For Clemson Invitational

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PHILADELPHIA – After a break last weekend, the University of Pennsylvania women’s rowing team will compete this weekend at the Clemson Invitational. This will mark the second straight year the Quakers have participated in the weekend-long event.

Penn’s boats will race three times during the weekend, twice on Saturday and once on Sunday morning. The complete schedule by boat is listed below.

As part of the competition, the Penn boats will face Cornell in each of the Saturday morning races as those two programs compete for the Raritan Cup and the Class of ‘89 Plaque. The cup has been challenged annually since 1991.

Clemson will provide live audio and video of the races throughout the competition. Audio will be provided for the first 1,000 meters, at which point video will pick up and catch the teams in the final 1,000 meters. A link to Clemson's video page is in the box with this release.

1st Varsity 8
Saturday 9:06 a.m. – Miami, Duke, Cornell, Michigan State, Louisville, UCLA
Saturday 6:54 p.m. – Miami, Michigan State, Washington State, Gonzaga, Syracuse, Oregon State
Sunday 8:59 a.m. – Columbia, Gonzaga, Louisville, Syracuse, Texas, Wisconsin

2nd Varsity 8
Saturday 9:27 a.m. – Miami, Duke, Michigan State, Cornell, UCLA, Louisville
Saturday 6:33 p.m. – Miami, Oregon State, Washington State, Gonzaga, Michigan State, Syracuse
Sunday 9:20 a.m. – Gonzaga, Columbia, Syracuse, Louisville, Wisconsin, Texas

Varsity 4 A
Saturday 9:48 a.m. – Miami, Duke, Louisville, Cornell, UCLA, Michigan State
Saturday 6:12 p.m. – Gonzaga, Miami, Syracuse, Michigan State, Washington State, Oregon State
Sunday 9:41 a.m. – Columbia, Texas, Louisville, Gonzaga, Syracuse, Wisconsin

3rd Varsity 8
Saturday 10:23 a.m. – Clemson 4V8, Duke, Michigan State, Louisville, Cornell
Saturday 5:44 p.m. – Michigan State 4V8, Iowa, Duke, Oklahoma, Louisville, Cornell
Sunday 10:16 a.m. – Michigan State 4V8, Texas, Syracuse, Wisconsin, Louisville

Varsity 4 B
Saturday 10:02 a.m. – Tennessee, Michigan State, Oklahoma, Louisville 2V, Cornell
Saturday 5:51 p.m. – Louisville, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Indiana, Michigan State, Iowa
Sunday 10:02 a.m. – Syracuse, Michigan State, Louisville, Iowa, Cornell, Tennessee

Varsity 4 C
Saturday 9:55 a.m. – Iowa, Indiana, UCLA, Syracuse, Louisville 3V, Texas
Saturday 5:58 p.m. – Texas, Louisville, Cornell, UCLA, Syracuse
Sunday 9:55 a.m. – Louisville, UCLA, Indiana, Oklahoma, Texas

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