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Directions to Cooper River

PHILADELPHIA - When asked what he wants from his team Sunday at the EAWRC Sprints, Penn women’s rowing coach Mike Lane is succinct: “Our goal for the weekend is simple -- no regrets! Leave everything on the river, and prove to ourselves that this program can and will be successful.”

The Quakers are looking to make another step forward as a program Sunday, competing in the EAWRC Sprints on the Cooper River in Camden, N.J.

Penn earned theprogram’s third Sprints title last year, in the second freshman 8, and was fourth in the overall team standings. In addition, the freshman eight was a silver medalist a year ago, and the second varsity eight also competed in the grand final.

This year, Lane -- in his second year at the helm -- hopes to build upon that.

“Each year we plan to get a little faster,” he said. “Last year we had three of our boats in the grand finals, this year we want even more. I expect our athletes to go out and race to each athletes full potential, and if we do that we will all walk away very happy.

“We expect to get faster, and building on the success from last year is a top priority. I believe we have already proven our potential, and so I cannot wait to watch our athletes compete at the highest level.”

In the varsity eight, five teams enter Sprints with a national ranking -- four of them in the Top 10 -- while two others are among several teams receiving votes. Brown and Yale are ranked second and third nationally, respectively, while Princeton is seventh and Radcliffe (Harvard) is eighth. After that, Dartmouth is 19th, while Northeastern and Bucknell are among teams receiving votes.

For Penn -- which held a national ranking for a few weeks back in April -- advancement into the six-boat grand final is a definite goal.

“We have been given a great opportunity to race in a league that has some of the fastest boats in the country, but I believe we can and will move with those crews,” said Lane. “I could not be happier in terms of who we will race in our heat; they are all great crews, but also on any given day anything can happen.

“I think we have a very realistic chance to make it, we just have to execute our race plan. We have not done that this year and I think Sunday is our day.”

Listen Live!

For those not able to travel to Camden, The Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC) will supply live-audio broadcasts, "ECAC Call of the Race,"at the 2008 EARC and EAWRC Rowing Championships. Stretch Internet, based in Mesa, Ariz., will be providing the platform for the audio streaming of the races.

Click here to go directly to the live broadcast

To listen to broadcasts over the phone, dial (605) 475-6000 and follow the prompts to get to the EAWRC races. This service is available to a limited number of listeners on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Penn Boatings (listed in order of events)

Novice 8+
Cox - C. Lewis
8 - S. Ridge
7 - H. Duus
6 - R. Reicherter
5 - P. van den Berg
4 - M. Davydenko
3 - A. Ruel
2 - M. Rieck
1 - A. Chain

Varsity 8+
Cox - C. Sloane
8 - M. Gilley
7 - R. Carew
6 - K. Haneman
5 - G. Kaplan-Stein
4 - L. Donald
3 - L. Mulligan
2 - K. Ellison
1 - R. Donald

Second Varsity 8+
Cox - L. Caffrey
8 - J. McEwan
7 - L. Hathaway
6 - I. Hain
5 - L. Fox
4 - K. Purdy
3 - P. O’Shaughnessy
2 - S. O’Donnell
1 - M.E. King

Varsity 4+
Cox - A. Silberstein
4 - M. French
3 - J. Drossner
2 - M. Howard
1 - J. Wood

Novice 4+
Cox - E. Hoi
4 - E. Fitzgerald
3 - N. Ashbridge
2 - L. Fleming-Shemer
1 - B. Braun

Second Varsity 4+ (B)
Cox - A. Kopke
4 - S. Madden
3 - E. McIntosh
2 - J. Ritchie
1 - E. Boettcher

Second Varsity 4+ (A)
Cox - C. Provey
4 - K. Johnson
3 - J. Holup
2 - S. Foelster
1 - A. Matta

Download: 2008 Sprints Invite - Cocktail.pdf