Women's Rowing Going Small This Weekend

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Collegiate Small Boat Challenge information

PHILADELPHIA – The University of Pennsylvania women’s rowing team will send a handful of its athletes to Mercer Lake in Princeton, N.J. this weekend for the inaugural Collegiate Small Boat Challenge. Time trials will be held Saturday afternoon in the divisions of double sculls, single sculls and pairs, with the finals taking place Sunday morning.

Head Coach Mike Lane is excited about the event and eager to be a part of it.

“I had the pleasure of being on the committee to get this regatta off the ground and am extremely excited to see it come to fruition,” he said. “The concept is something that I think is very important in the development of our sport. Rowing small boats benefits our athletes and our team. Not to mention rowing small boats will help keep our country competitive in the world in these events. Thank you to Justin Moore who was the brainchild behind this event!

“I really don't know what to expect. I hope our athletes enjoy rowing in different boats, and go after everything we have worked on this fall. The plan is to get out and race on Sunday.”

Penn Boatings

Women’s 2x (Time Trial Saturday 3:30 p.m.)
#8 – Veronica Jones (2), Jenna Hebert (1)
#21 – Maggie Dwyer (2), Maria Georgiou (1)
#30 – Kelin Baldridge (2), Holly Stevens (1)

Women’s 1x (Time Trial Saturday 4 p.m.)
#49 – Shannon Macika

Women’s 2- (Time Trial Saturday 5 p.m.)
#86 – Megan Fitzgerald (2) Emily Redfield (1)
#97 – Nicola Barnes (2), Natalie Reynolds (1)
#100 – Elizabeth Picciani (2), Becky Baumher (1)

SundayFinals will start at 7 a.m.
Women’s 2-
Women’s 1x
Women’s 2x