Women's Rowing Sets For Orange Challenge Cup

Orange Challenge Cup information

PHILADELPHIA - After a brief sojourn out of the region last weekend, the Penn women’s rowing team gets back into Cup competition this weekend. The Quakers travel to upstate New York and Onondaga Lake to face Syracuse and Northeastern in the Orange Challenge Cup Saturday.

I am looking for our boats to build on the successes we had in the afternoons racing,” said head coach Mike Lane. “We underestimated our competition last weekend, and I can guarantee you that will not happen on Saturday. This race is always one of the most exciting races of our season. Both Kris Sanford and Joe Wilhelm develop athletes with character and fight, and I am looking forward to seeing how we stack up."

Last year in Boston, Penn took three of five races at this event -- the second varsity eight, the novice eight, and the novice four. The Quakers were second in the varsity race, losing by six seconds to Northeastern but besting Syracuse by six seconds. All three varsity boats enter Saturday’s race unranked, with Penn the only school among the three receiving votes.

“Last weekend was a great opportunity for us to race teams out of our region who we would never normally face,” Lane said of his program’s trip to Indiana for the Dale England Cup. “Unfortunately, we did not show up ready to race in the morning session. The change in schedule due to weather affected our ability to mentally prepare the way we normally would for this type of race. However, we came back in the afternoon and did a nice job.

“The event was a great way to practice racing twice in one day which is something we have to be successful at for our championships at Eastern Sprints,” he continue. “The bottom line is we got knocked around a little bit, which I believe will be a wake-up call as we head into the meat of our season.”

This will be the first of three consecutive cup weekends for the women, and they will serve as the final preps for EAWRC Sprints which occur in May.

Orange Challenge Cup schedule

8 a.m. – Varsity 8

8:20 – Second Varsity 8

8:40 – Varsity 4 A

9:00 – Novice 8

9:20 – Varsity 4 B

9:40 – Novice 4

Penn Boatings for the Orange Challenge Cup (listed in order by race)

Varsity 8

Cox – R. Pattison

8 - L. Donald

7 – M. Gilley

6 – K. Haneman

5 – R. Donald

4 – J. Drossner

3 – K. Burke

2 – K. Purdy

1 – N. Ashbridge

Second Varsity 8

Cox – L. Caffrey

8 – L. Fitzgerald

7 – M. King

6 – C. Mehaffey-Coy

5 – L. Hathaway

4 – K. Ellison

3 – J. Ritchie

2 – N. Bedos

1 – M. Rieck

Varsity 4 A

Cox – C. Sloane

4 – S. Madden

3 – B. Braun

2 – A. Matta

1 – K. Johnson

Novice 8

Cox – C. Marcaccio

8 – Q. Werner

7 – L. Bridgman

6 – M. Brauer

5 – K. Barone

4 – J. Jackson

3 – M. Harper

2 – J. Werkmeister

1 – J. Glazer

Varsity 4 B

Cox – C. Provey

4 – S. Ridge

3 – S. Foelster

2 – A. Chain

1 – S. Hallett

Novice 4


Cox – C. Dommert

4 – K. Stillman

3 – J. Price

2 – A. Kendall

1 – C. Wise


Cox – R. Pattison

4 – S. Gadpaille

3 – A. Dusenbery

2 – S. Woodby

1 – K. Mooney