Women's Rowing Spring Break Blog, Part 1

GAINESVILLE, Ga. - Senior Blair Braun sent notes from the first two days of the Penn women's rowing team's spring trip to Gainesville, Ga...

Second full day of rowing at Lake Lanier! Monday morning was a beautiful day -- great water, sunny, and just the right temperature. It's nice not to have to bundle up with tons of layers to go out on the water, and it makes packing for practice a lot easier. After the warm-up run everyone de-layered to go out on the water.

We don't waste any time here in Georgia, making the most of our spring break and the nice weather. We jumped right into hard, competitive pieces on the course. This morning in fours and eights we did five 2000-meter pieces -- very different from our Saturday workouts in the winter (four by 2k on the erg)! It was nice for some of our novice rowers and coxswains to row their first course with buoys; this is a good experience to have before Sprints in May, which will be abuoyedcourse with up to six boats across.

Everyone is making sure to keep hydrated and healthy, keeping on top of injuries, and taping up the inevitable blisters on our hands. After our morning practice, we had lunch at the hotel. It was warm enough to sit at the tables set up outside by the pool. After lunch, we went back to our rooms to relax before our afternoon workout. Around 2 p.m., half the team got a chance to review some video taken of the morning row. Watching yourself on video helps you apply the feedback you get from the coaches. The rest of the team did an abs body circuit at the hotel in the courtyard by the pool.

Monday afternoon we had the nicest weather and water so far. We took advantage of this by taking a longer row beyond the course; a great time to really explore Lake Lanier. This practice was a good time to concentrate on your technique, applying some of the feedback from video review to the afternoon row.

After our second practice of the day, we had dinner back at the college. We love eating at the college and get great Southern food, something you can't get at Penn. Some of us went on another CVS run after dinner - there's hardly anything you need for this trip that you can't find at CVS. It is nice to be back at the hotel, showered, and comfortable after a long day out in the sun.Many of the classes met in order to brainstorm for skit night on Thursday, which will be here before we know it. There's so much to do before then!

Chelsea Dommert: "It's nice to be back in a warm climate! I hope this nice weather lasts all week."

Jesse Culley: "Rowing on a new course is really challenging; it's different not rowing through the current! It's a lot more peaceful."

Amanda Chain: "It's so much easier to pull hard wearing sunglasses than wearing pogies."

Lexi Caffrey: "It's great having a team baby! Madilyn is building character right along with us, riding on the launch with Coach Lane."