Women's Rowing Spring Break Blog, Part 2

GAINESVILLE, Ga. - Senior captain Jen Drossnerbrings usup to speed on Tuesday and Wednesday's spring break activitiesat Lake Lanier...

Thanks to everyone keeping up with our posts. On Tuesday we continued our 2k seat-races and some interesting switches were made.Now we're one step closer to finding our lineups for the top two eights and the varsity four.The whole team has been pushing from the bottom up.

In the afternoons most of us take naps or relax in our rooms and then meet outside for a body circuit.It was good to get some core work in because who doesn't want rock solid abs for spring break? For the afternoon practice we did sets of jumpies to warm up for our annual Neverending Row.We reached close to 30,000 meters, stopping for snacks at the halfway point.Coach Lane takes pride in telling us how much further we went on this row than any previous year.We also upgraded from Nature Valley to Clif Bars for the snack, which most of us were pretty happy about.

Once practice was over, the underclassmen were sent to dinner while the seniors got dolled up for the Senior Dinner with the coaches.This year we have 12 seniors on the team, which is a big change from five years ago when the coaches only had two seniors to take out to dinner. As Lexi Caffrey said, "the dinner was a great time for our grade to come together, and our large number of seniors shows how much depth our team has built since Coach Lane has been the head coach.

On Wednesday, the weather was rainy and cloudy which was unfavorable but it didn't put a damper on our 1,000-meter pieces.I think this is Coach Lane's favorite workout of the week because we never know when the pieces will end.As junior Natalie Ashbridge always jokes, "looks like we have X minus 1 piece to go," after the very first piece.We then had the afternoon off and most of us went to the movies.Others decided to stay at the hotel to hang out and get some homework in. We ate dinner at a cozy little Italian restaurant-- it was our waiter's birthday, and his present was approximately 25 very hungry rowers! Unbeknownst to us, this dinner involved some serious carbo-loading, which worked out well for the impending morning workout.

Leah Amesse: "Being a novice on the trip is really hard because we don't know what to expect out of spring break, but it's good to get thrown in there and work our butts off."