Women's Rowing to Face Dartmouth, Princeton

PHILADELPHIA - The Penn women’s rowing team moves forward again this Saturday, completing its third Cup competition in three weekends by participating in the Award Plaque with Dartmouth and Princeton.

Saturday’s races, which will be contested on the Connecticut River in Hanover, N.H., will be Penn’s final intercollegiate competition before the EAWRC Sprints, which will take place May 18 on the Cooper River in nearby Camden, N.J.

Despite a win in its Raritan Cup race last weekend, the varsity eight dropped out of this week’s USRowing/CRCA national poll. Princeton, meanwhile, is ranked seventh, and Dartmouth cracked the Top 20 and appears at No. 19.

"The race this weekend will be a great battle!,” said Penn head coach Mike Lane. “Dartmouth and Princeton are really great competitors. Both teams have been to NCAAs, which is our goal, so it is important that we row our race plan and give our athletes the opportunity to be successful.

“The hay is in the barn; I just hope our athletes are able to shut the door.”

Princeton has dominated the varsity race in this event, which began in 1985 -- the Tigers have won it every year except 1986, when Dartmouth took the cup. Last year was one of the tightest races in memory, however, as Princeton clocked in just two seconds ahead of Dartmouth and five seconds ahead of Penn.

Directions to Dartmouth’s boathouse
To get to the boathouse: from 91 North, take the Hanover, NH exit and then make a right onto Wheelock Street (this is the main street through town). Cross the bridge over the river and take the first left (there is a brick and iron gate there), which is Tuck Drive. Go through the gate and bear left. That is the boathouse parking lot.

Parents should watch from the finish line, which is 3 miles from the BH. From Wheelock street, with the green/clock tower on your left, make a left onto Route 10. Pass the clocktower (on your left), and continue about 2.5 miles. Stay straight on route 10 (you'll pass the golf course on your left, and then proceed around/through a traffic circle). The finish line is on the river right near the Chieftain Inn. To see the river, you just need to walk down the dirt road to the water’s edge (just to the left of the Chieftain). There should be signs to mark all of this.

Parking for spectators will be at the Rugby clubhouse, which is also on Route 10, but BEFORE you get to the Chieftain. It is on the right, across from the golf course. There will be signs. A shuttle will run from that lot to the finish line.

Schedule of Events
8 a.m. - Novice 4+
8:20 a.m. - Varsity B/C 4+
8:40 a.m. - Varsity 4+
9:20 a.m. - Novice 8+
10 a.m. - Second Varsity 8+
10:40 a.m. - Varsity 8+

Penn Boatings (listed in order of events)
*boatings are subject to change

Cox - E. Hoi
4 - E. Fitzgerald
3 - L. Fleming-Shemer
2 - N. Ashbridge
1 - B. Braun

Second Varsity 4+ (A)
Cox - C. Provey
4 - K. Johnson
3 - E. Boettcher
2 - S. Foelster
1 - E. McIntosh

Second Varsity 4+ (B)
Cox - A. Kopke
4 - S. Madden
3 - S. Hallett
2 - J. Holup
1 - J. Wood

Varsity 4+
Cox - A. Silberstein
4 - M. French
3 - J. Drossner
2 - M. Howard
1 - J. Ritchie

Novice 8+
Cox - C. Lewis
8 - M. Rieck
7 - H. Duus
6 - R. Reicherter
5 - A. Ruel
4 - M. Davydenko
3 - P. van den Berg
2 - S. Ridge
1 - A. Chain

Second Varsity 8+
Cox - C. Sloane
8 - J. McEwan
7 - L. Hathaway
6 - I. Hain
5 - L. Mulligan
4 - S. O’Donnell
3 - L. Fox
2 - K. Ellison
1 - M.E. King

Varsity 8+
Cox - L. Caffrey
8 - K. Purdy
7 - R. Carew
6 - K. Haneman
5 - R. Donald
4 - M. Gilley
3 - G. Kaplan-Stein
2 - L. Donald
1 - P. O’Shaughnessy