Women's Squash Defeats Brown, 5-4

Providence, R.I. -- The University of Pennsylvania women's squash team came back from a 4-3 deficit to defeat Brown, 5-4, today.

At the number one position, Paula Pearson won with a score of 3-1. Lauralynn Drury, Rhea Bhandare, Annie Barrett, Chloe Wynne and Elizabeth Kern also notched victories for the Quakers. The victories by Barrett and Wynne put the Quakers ahead in the match and on to the eventual victory.

The Quakers are next in action on Jan. 21 when they travel to Princeton for the Constable Invitational.

Penn 5, Brown 4

1 Paula Pearson (P) def. Lillian Rosenthal, 3-1
2 Megan Cerullo def. Radhika Ahluwalia (P), 3-1
3 Lauralynn Drury (P) def. Erin Andrews, 3-1
4 Zarah Rahman def. Caitlin Russell (P), 3-0
5 Rhea Bhandare (P) def. Phoebe Anderson, 3-1
6 Minoo Fadaherd def. Rohini Gupta (P), 3-1
7 Annie Barrett (P) def. Katie Lew, 3-0
8 Chloe Wynne (P) def. Julie Flygare, 3-1
9 Jen Neff def. Colleen Gurda (P), 3-2