Women's Squash Defeats Franklin & Marshall, 9-0

Lancaster, Pa. -The University of Pennsylvania women's squash team swept Franklin & Marshall, 9-0, on Sunday. TheQuakers only lost onegamein the match.

Colleen Gurda, Radhika Ahluwalia, Rhea Bhandare, Lauralynn Drury, Caitlin Russell, Rohini Gupta, Annie Barrett and Chloe Wynne all notched 3-0 victories for their second victories of the season.Paula Pearson defeated Freddy McNeely , 3-1, at the No. 1 position for the Quakers only dropped game in the match.

The victory marked the second-consecutive sweep of an opponent for the Red and Blue who had defeated Cornell, 9-0 the previous day.

The Quakers return to actionon Dec. 4, as they travel to Yale for a 2 p.m. start.

Penn 9, Franklin & Marshall 0

1 Paula Pearson (P) def. Freddy McNeely,3-1
2 Radhika Ahluwalia (P) def. Jessie Mitchell 3-0
3 Rhea Bhandare (P) def. Minai Patel 3-0
4 Lauralynn Drury (P) def. Amanda Lesko 3-0
5 Caitlin Russell (P) def. Betsy Griffin 3-0
6 Colleen Gurda (P) def. Lizzy Denenberg 3-1
7 Rohini Gupta (P) def. Barbara Bee 3-0
8 Annie Barrett (P) def. Ginny Rollins 3-0
9 Chloe Wynne (P) def. Roshni Lodhia 3-0