Women's Squash Sweeps Cornell in Season Opener

Philadelphia, Pa. -The University of Pennsylvania women's squash team defeated Cornell, 9-0 today. TheQuakers only lost onegamein the match.

"Everyone played really well," said Head Coach Jack Wyant. "They all played intelligently and the result wasa victory."

Paula Pearson, Radhika Ahluwalia, Rhea Bhandare, Lauralynn Drury, Caitlin Russell, Rohini Gupta, Annie Barrett and Chloe Wynne all notched 3-0 victories, with Colleen Gurda defeating Margot Dickson, 3-1.

The Quakers return to action tomorrow at Franklin and Marshall in Lancaster, Pa. Match time is slated for 1 p.m.

Penn9, Cornell 0

1 Paula Pearson (P) def. Mairin Barnet 3-0
2 Radhika Ahluwalia (P) def. Brooke Stetson 3-0
3 Rhea Bhandare (P) def. Cory Warfield 3-0
4 Lauralynn Drury (P) def. Joanna Wolfson 3-0
5 Caitlin Russell (P) def. Allison Laycob 3-0
6 Colleen Gurda (P) def. Margot Dickinson 3-1
7 Rohini Gupta (P) def. Ashley Fahr 3-0
8 Annie Barrett (P) def. Claire Zipf 3-0
9 Chloe Wynne (P) def. Stephanie Tsay 3-0