Women's Tennis Captures Doubles at Cissie Leary

Final Brackets

PHILADELPHIA - It was a new pairing but the same result for women's tennis in the doubles portion of the Cissie Leary Invitational on Sunday. A season ago, it was Connie Hsu and Alexa Ely that gave Penn its second doubles championship in what was then the 14th annual tournament. This year, in the 15th annual, it was Sol Eskenazi and Jaime Yapp-Shing that delivered Penn's third Cissie Leary doubles title. In singles, freshmen Alex Ion and Eskenazi also made deep runs through the bracket, advancing all the way to the semifinals before each fell in that round.

After a tough match Friday night, Eskenazi and Yapp-Shing quickly shook off the near upset and managed to pull some of their own upsets on Sunday. After an 8-3 victory over their teammates, Alex Ion and Stephanie Do, put the duo into the semifinals, Eskenazi and Yapp-Shing took down the second-seeded pairing from Columbia, 8-4. In the finals, Eskenazi and Yapp-Shing took home the tournament crown with Yapp-Shing holding her portion of the serve after the top-seeded pairing from Penn State took the previous two games.

In addition to Ion and Do falling against their teammates in the quarterfinals, Daniela DePaoli and Emma Whitfield also fell in the quarterfinal round of doubles. After picking up two impressive victories to make the quarterfinals Saturday morning, DePaoli and Whitfield played the second-seeded duo that Eskenazi and Yapp-Shing would knock out the following round. In the quarterfinals, Columbia's pairing would take out the Penn doubles team by an 8-3 score.

In singles, Eskenazi and Ion both made runs to the semifinals with a pair of victories on Saturday. Just like doubles, Eskenazi struggled to close the match out in singles after jumping out to early leads Friday, but that would not be an issue Saturday. In her first match, Eskenazi took the first set of her Round of 16 match, 6-4, and cruised to the singles quarterfinals with the 6-2 second set win. In the next round, she became the second Penn player to record a 6-0, 6-0 victory this season. In the semifinals, she played a pair of tough sets, but fell 6-4, 7-5 to the second seed, and eventual singles champion, Petra Januskova. Januskova was ranked No. 108 in the country in the ITA Preseason poll. Eskenazi is now 6-1 on the year in singles.

Ion had a little bit more trouble reaching the semifinals, but the end result was still the same as Eskenazi. In her Round of 16, the Quakers' freshman won 6-1, 6-3 to move on to the quarterfinals. In that round, she would play both sets to a tiebreak, winning the first and falling in the second. After the second set loss to Crystal Leung, who just one round earlier had taken out the top-seeded player in the tournament, Ion rebounded in the 10-point tiebreak, winning 10-8 and moving into the semifinals. There she would meet Columbia's No. 1 from a year ago, third-seeded Nicole Bartnik. Bartnik showed her experience in the 6-1, 6-4 victory. However, with her tournament performance, Ion is now 8-2 on the season in doubles.

In consolation singles, the Quakers had mixed results. In the Saturday session of consolation singles, Jules Rodin, Whitfield, DePaoli, and Do all dropped their first matches in their respective consolation rounds. DePaoli would be the only Quaker with the opportunity to play an added match for experience and she took advantage of the extra opportunity with a tight win to pick up her second singles win of the weekend to go along with her two doubles victories.

The Quakers will be in action this upcoming weekend at the Saint Joseph's Fall Invitational. The tournament will start this Friday, September 30 and continue through Sunday, October 2.


(4) Sol Eskenazi: (3-1)
Round of 64: Bye
Round of 32: Won vs. Sarah O'Neil (Cornell), 6-2, 7-6 (2)
Round of 16: Won vs. Alicia Doms (Temple), 6-4, 6-2
Quarterfinals: Won vs. (5) Christine Ordway (Cornell), 6-0, 6-0
Semifinals: Lost vs. (2) Petra Januskova (Penn State), 6-4, 7-5

Alex Ion: (4-1)
Round of 64: Won vs. Paola Calderon (Temple), 6-2, 6-0
Round of 32: Won vs. Katarina Kovacevic (Columbia), 6-2, 6-1
Round of 16: Won vs. Nicole Pivonka (Drexel), 6-1, 6-3
Quarterfinals: Won vs. Crystal Leung (Columbia), 7-6 (3), 6-7 (3), 10-8
Semifinals: Lost vs. (3) Nicole Bartnik (Columbia), 6-1, 6-4

(8) Jaime Yapp-Shing: (1-0)
Round of 64: Won vs. Agnese Rozite (Temple), 5-7, 6-3, 11-9
Round of 32: Defaulted to Nicole Pivonka (Drexel)

Daniela DePaoli: (2-2)
Round of 64: Won vs. Mel Reyes (Drexel), 6-1, 6-1
Round of 32: Lost vs. Lauren Frazier (Cornell), 6-4, 6-2
Second Round Consolation: Lost vs. Dorothy Safron (Delaware), 6-4, 7-6 (4)
Added: Won vs. Perrotta (PSU), 6-0, 4-6,(1-0) 10-7

Stephanie Do: (1-2)
Round of 64: Won vs. Carly Bohman (Temple), 6-1, 6-1
Round of 32: Lost vs. (5) Christine Ordway (Cornell), 6-0, 6-3
Second Round Consolation: Lost vs. Ryann Young (Cornell), 2-6, 7-6 (1), (1-0) 10-6

Srinidhi Raghavan: (1-1)
Round of 64: Won vs. Sonja Stosic (Drexel), 6-4, 1-6, (1-0) 10-7
Round of 32: Lost vs. Crystal Leung (Columbia), 6-3, 6-4
Second Round Consolation: Defaulted vs. Amy Li (Columbia)

Jules Rodin: (0-2)
Round of 64: Lost vs. (7) Bianca Sanon (Columbia), 6-2, 6-0
First Round Consolation: Lost vs. Rebecca Breland (Temple), 6-3, 6-0

Emma Whitfield: (0-2)
Round of 64: Lost vs. Adel Arshavskaya (Columbia), 6-3, 6-2
First Round Consolation: Lost vs. Olivia Helm (Delaware), 6-3, 5-7, (1-0) 10-8


(4) Sol Eskenazi/Jaime Yapp-Shing: (4-0)
Round of 32: Bye
Round of 16: Won vs. A. Arshavskaya/R. Arshavskaya (Columbia), 8-7, ((7-6)6)
Quarterfinals: Won vs. Do/Ion (Penn), 8-3
Semifinals: Won vs. (2) Bartnik/Sanon (Columbia), 8-4
Finals: Won vs. (1) Januskova/Sertic (Penn State), 8-4

Daniela DePaoli/Emma Whitfield: (2-1)
Round of 32: Won vs. Chelsea Davis/Amy Li (Columbia), 8-4
Round of 16: Won vs. Olivia Helm/Kim Milla (Delaware), 8-5
Quarterfinals: Lost vs. (2) Bartnik/Sanon (Columbia), 8-3

Stephanie Do/Alex Ion: (2-1)
Round of 32: Won vs. Rosemary Li/Sara Perelman (Cornell), 8-4
Round of 16: Won vs. Alicia Doms/Yana Mavrina (Temple), 8-1
Quarterfinals: Lost vs. (4) Eskenazi/Yapp-Shing (Penn), 8-3

Srinidhi Raghavan/Jules Rodin: (0-1)
Round of 32: Lost vs. Christine Ordway/Gabby Sullivan (Cornell), 8-6

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