Women's Tennis Earns First Ivy Win

PROVIDENCE, R.I. - Finishing off its first full weekend of Ivy League play, the University of Pennsylvania women's tennis team Brown, 4-3 for its first conference win of the season. Penn once again shined in doubles play and scattered wins throughout the ladder to defeat the Bears.

As they did on Friday, Penn earned the doubles point by taking two of the three matches, while leaving the third match unfinished. Kana Daniel and Sonya Latycheva continued their dominance, improving to 13-2 on the year with a 6-4 win. Luba Vazhenina and Lina Qostal clinched the point of Saturday with a 6-4 win of their own. Much like Friday, Marta Kowalska and Ria Vaidya were denied a doubles win in a match that wasn't finished while leading 5-4.

In singles, Daniel got back on track, snapping a three-match losing streak. The Spaniard crusied to a two-set win.

Ria Vaidya put the Quakers within a point of a team-win when she worked a two-set victory. Vaidya won both sets 6-4.

Clinching the first Ivy win of the season for Penn was Marta Kowalska. The Polish import dominated both sets, winning 6-2 and 6-3.

Penn will return home next weekend for a pair of matches against Harvard and Dartmouth. Both matches are set for 1 p.m. starts.


1. Sonya Latycheva/Kana Daniel def. Dayna Lord/Alyza Benotto - 6-4 Penn
2. Ria Vaidiya/Marta Kowalska vs. Hannah Camhi/Katie Ta 5-4 DNF
3. Lina Qostal/Luba Vazhenina def. Maddie Stearns/Ammu Mandalap - 6-4 Penn

1. Kana Daniel def. Dayna Lord 6-4, 6-3 Penn
2. Alyza Benotto def. Sonya Latycheva - 7-6, 7-5 Brown
3. Ria Vaidiya def. Hannah Camhi - 6-4 6-4 Penn
4. Maddie Stearns def. Lina Qostal - 6-4 6-4 Brown
5. Marta Kowalska def. Mariska Chamdani - 6-2 6-3 Penn
6. Katie Ta def. OJ Singh - 6-3 6-2 Brown