Women's Tennis Fall to Purdue at ITA Kick-Off

TUSKALOOSA, Ala. -In the consolation match of the ITA Kick-Off Weekend tourament, the University of Pennsylvania women's tennis team fell to Purdue by a final of 4-0, with three matches going unfinished.

Competing in the top spot, Kana Daniel won her first set and led in the second, before the match went unfinished. Daniel had an exceptional weekend, adding to her impressive performance against Alabama on Saturday.

Ria Vaidya was also leading in her second set before the match was called off. Vaidya was competing in the second position.

Finally, Lina Qostal led by a game in her second set before the match was left incomplete.

Overall, it was a very nice showing for the Quakers at the ITA Kick-Off, facing the 15th and 45th teams in the nation. Penn will return home next Saturday when they take on Old Dominion at 1 p.m.

#45 Purdue 4, Penn 0

Singles competition

1. Deborah Suarez (PUR) vs. Kana Daniel (PENN) 2-6, 2-5, unfinished

2. Andjela Djokovic (PUR) vs. Ria Vaidya (PENN) 6-4, 3-4, unfinished

3. Krisztina Kapitany (PUR) def. Marta Kowalska (PENN) 6-4, 6-0

4. Natalia Davila (PUR) def. Sonya Latycheva (PENN) 6-4, 6-0

5. Claudia Escribens (PUR) vs. Lina Qostal (PENN) 6-4, 2-3, unfinished

6. Marta Ruedas-Burgos (PUR) def. OJ Singh (PENN) 6-2, 6-3

Doubles competition

1. Kana Daniel/Sonya Latycheva (PENN) def. Deborah Suarez/Krisztina Kapitany (PUR) 6-2

2. Marta Ruedas-Burgos/Andjela Djokovic (PUR) def. Ria Vaidya/Marta Kowalska (PENN) 6-3

3. Natalia Davila/Claudia Escribens (PUR) def. Lina Qostal/OJ Singh (PENN) 6-4