Women's Varsity Fours Place Second & Third at EAWRC Sprints

Camden, N.J. – The University of Pennsylvania women’s varsity four “A” and “B” boats finished third and second respectively while the varsity eight captured the Petite Final at the 2005 EAWRC Sprints on the Cooper River.

The varsity four “A” dropped its first race of the season by finishing third in the Grand Final. Penn posted a time of with at time of 7:21.00. Brown captured the Grand Final with a time 7:17.20 while Yale posted a 7:20.20.

The Quakers finished second in the varsity four “B” Grand Final with a time of 7:32.50. Brown captured its second varsity four race of the day with a time of 7:27.20.

Both the varsity four “A” and “B” advanced to the Grand Final after capturing their heats. The Quakers “A” boat won the heat in a time of 7:24.80, nearly four seconds ahead of runner-up Princeton (7:28.60), while the “B” boat clocked a winning time of 7:38.60, almost four seconds ahead of Brown (7:42.10).

The novice four also had success finishing fifth in theGrand Finalwith a time of 8:05.90. Brown took the race in a time of 7:34.50. Earlier in the day, the Red and Blue posted a time of 8:52.40 to place third in their heat and advance to the Grand Final.

The varsity eight captured the Petite Final and finished seventh overall by edging Northeastern by six-tenths of a second. The Quakers posted a time of 6:31.30 with Northeastern coming in at 6:31.90. Penn posted a time of 6:39.40 to advance to the Petite Final with a fourth-place finish in the heat. In the Grand Final, Yale upset undefeated Princeton to capture the event in a time of 6:15.60. Princeton finished with a time of 6:18.00.

The second varsity eight finished second in the Petite Final and eighth overall. Penn clocked a time of 6:48.30 two seconds off the pace of winner Cornell (6:46.30). Princeton captured the Grand Final with a time of 6:27.30. Penn advanced to the Petite Final after finishing third with a time of 6:45.60 just 4.6 seconds off the pace of Brown (6:41.0). Northeastern placed second in the heat with a time of 6:44.40.

EAWRC Sprints Results

Varsity 8

Heat #2:

Radcliffe 6:28.20
Syracuse 6:35.10
Columbia 6:38.20
Penn 6:39.40
MIT 7:01.50
Petite Final: Penn 6:31.30
Northeastern 6:31.90
Columbia 6:36.60
Navy 6:37.10
Cornell 6:40.90
Dartmouth 6:44.40

Second Varsity 8

Heat #1: Brown 6:41.00
Northeastern 6:44.40
Penn 6:45.60
Rutgers 6:54.90
Dartmouth 6:55.20
Petite Final: Cornell 6:46.30
Penn 6:48.30
Navy 6:49.50
Syracuse 6:53.80
Rutgers 6:55.70
Georgetown 7:11.40
Varsity 4 “A”
Heat #2: Penn 7:24.80
Princeton 7:28.60
Northeastern 7:30.50
Navy 7:35.20
Rutgers 7:46.10
MIT 8:20.30
Grand Final: Brown 7:17.20
Yale 7:20.20
Penn 7:21.00
Radcliffe 7:22.70
Princeton 7:30.20
Boston U. 7:36.90
Varsity 4 “B”
Heat #1: Penn 7:38.60
Brown 7:42.10
Syracuse 7:50.70
Rutgers 8:12.40
Grand Final: Brown 7:27.20
Penn 7:32.50
Radcliffe 7:43.30
Northeastern 7:46.70
Princeton 7:53.60
Syracuse 8:02.60

Novice 4

Heat #3: Columbia ‘A’ 8:47.20
Radcliffe ‘A’ 8:50.70
Penn 8:52.40
Georgetown 9:20.30
Columbia ‘B’ 9:27.80
GrandFinal: Brown 7:34.50
Columbia 7:48.90
Cornell 7:54.90
Radcliffe 8:02.40
Penn 8:05.90
Boston U. 8:34.20

-Written by Kelly McCarthy, athletic communications assistant