Wrestling Downed by No. 10 Lehigh, 35-4

BETHLEHEM, Pa. - After a win from No. 17 Mark Rappo at 125 pounds got Penn off on the right foot, the Quakers couldn't hold off No. 10 Lehigh, falling to the Mountain Hawks, 35-4, in Bethlehem.

Lehigh won nine in a row after Rappo's 14-6 win over Mitch Berger, including a fall from Sean Bilodeau at 157 pounds over Brad Wukie at 0:23.

No. 6 Rollie Peterkin couldn't keep momentum on Penn's side at 133 pounds as he dropped a 5-2 decision to No. 17 Frank Cagnina. No. 10 Zack Kemmerer lost a one-point match to Stephen Dutton, 8-7, with riding time as the deciding point. Dutton built his riding time advantage in the first period when he took Kemmerer down 19 seconds in and rode the rest of the period. Kemmerer came back from a 6-2 deficit in the third period, but couldn't get the final takedown.

At 197 pounds, Lehigh pulled off another upset with a 4-3 win from No. 19 Joe Kennedy over No. 5 Micah Burak. Burak tied the match at 3-3 late in the third, but Kennedy was able to escape and Burak's late shot attempt couldn't connect.

Penn ends the dual season at 10-6 and 5-2 against EIWA teams. Up next for the Red and Blue is the EIWA Championships at Bucknell Mar. 5-6.

125 - Off the start, Rappo ducked under Berger for the first takedown, finishing with a double leg 23 seconds into the bout. Berger was able to escape 33 seconds later, using a Rappo tilt attempt with a hazard roll against him. Midway through the period, Rappo utilized a headlock to shoot a single and score a second takedown. Berger escaped a second time kicking free with 40 seconds left in the period. On the edge of the mat with 20 seconds left, Rappo added a third takedown pushing through on a single to close the first period with a 6-2 lead. In the second, Rappo needed 45 seconds to work his escape, getting the point off a restart with a quick move before Berger could lock legs in. Rappo scored on the edge for a fourth takedown, but in the scramble following Berger rolled through for a reversal to make the score 9-4 in favor of Rappo. In the third, Berger chose bottom and Rappo broke him down quick to raise his riding time up over a minute before a potentially dangerous was called with 1:03 remaining. Rappo went for an optional start and took Berger down twice more, adding in riding time for a 14-6 win.

133 - No. 6 Rollie Peterkin and No. 17 Frank Cagnina went scoreless in the first period, giving Peterkin a chance to choose bottom for the second. He scored his escape 16 seconds into the second period after rolling through a Cagnina return to take a 1-0 lead. Cagnina had a good shot on the angle midway through the period, but Peterkin scrambled out into a stalemate grabbing onto the legs. On the restart from the stalemate, Cagnina shot in and finished on the mat to take a 2-1 lead into the third. Cagnina chose neutral for the third and made it work with a takedown with 1:16 left to take a 4-1 lead. Peterkin escaped with 18 seconds left but that wasn't enough and 1:34 of riding time gave Cagnina a 5-2 win.

141 - Stephen Dutton shot quick on No. 10 Zack Kemmerer, scoring on the edge in the first 19 seconds of the match. Dutton was able to ride the rest of the period, holding off a late Kemmerer escape/reversal attempt in the final seconds. Dutton was able to escape in nine seconds to start the second, building a 3-0 lead. Immediately off the escape, Kemmerer plowed through for a takedown to get back in the match. Dutton escaped shortly for a 4-2 lead. In the third, Dutton scored again on a high single 20 seconds in to take a 6-2 lead. Kemmerer got his escape with 1:10 to go and he came right in to finish on the edge in front of Lehigh's bench to get the score to 6-5 with 47 seconds left. Kemmerer cut Dutton to make the score 7-5 with riding time also locked up for Dutton. Kemmerer scored a takedown, finishing with three seconds left, but the 2:43 of riding time broke the 7-7 tie and gave Dutton an 8-7 win.

149 - Joey Napoli drew first blood on Andrew Lenzi with a takedown 45 seconds into the bout and rode out the period. In the second, Napoli escaped in 16 seconds to up his lead to 3-0. He then countered a Lenzi shot and circled around to add two more points and again rode the remainder of the period. Lenzi was optionally cut to start the third and Napoli scored the takedown after a scramble with 1:10 to go. After Lenzi was cut, Napoli tacked on a takedown with 15 seconds left and his riding time gave him a 10-2 major decision.

157 - Sean Bilodeau needed 23 seconds to score the fall over Brad Wukie, throwing him to his back on the edge and scoring the fall.

165 - No. 19 Brandon Hatchett had the first shot on Gabriel Burak, but Burak was able to fight it off and force a stalemate two minutes into the bout. Neither man was able to score in the first and Burak chose neutral for the second. Hatchett came in right off the start and finished his takedown 20 seconds into the middle period. Burak was able to escape 31 seconds later and get on the board. Off a restart with 45 seconds left, Hatchett plowed through on a double and dumped Burak to the mat for two more points. In the third, Hatchett added to his lead with a reversal, rolling out to Burak's back. Time ran out with no more scoring and Hatchett's 1:13 of riding time gave him a 7-2 win.

174 - Scott Giffin and No. 10 Austin Meys were scoreless after the first period, despite Meys almost catching Giffin after he tripped up on the mat. In the second, Giffin chose bottom and was close on a reversal off a restart but Meys was able to hold on and keep control as the two went out of bounds. Meys was able to keep his position for the full period and build a 2:00 bank of riding time. In the third, Meys reversed and was looking for the fall when Giffin's injured shoulder flared up and caused him to default with injury.

184 - No. 4 Robert Hamlin countered an Erich Smith shot two minutes in to take a 2-0 lead. Smith was able to escape with 20 seconds left to get himself in the board but couldn't finish a shot in the waning seconds. Hamlin chose bottom for the second period and shot out quickly to take a 3-1 lead. With 40 seconds left in the period, Hamlin picked an ankle off a headlock to build his lead to 5-1. In the third, Hamlin went with an optional start and Smith added one escape point. Hamlin added a third takedown, pushing a double with 1:18 left. With 43 seconds left, Hamlin scored once more, finishing on the edge pulling Smith back in. A takedown with four seconds left was enough for the 12-4 major decision with 1:37 of riding time added on.

197 - No. 19 Joe Kennedy threw No. 4 Micah Burak down with nine seconds left in the opening period, sneaking two points out of the opening period which had been scoreless to that point. Kennedy then added an escape 15 seconds into the second period for a 3-0 lead. That was all the scoring in the second despite another close call on a throw attempt from Burak that saw both men spend some time in precarious positions. Burak escaped with 1:40 left in the bout, getting on the board. With under a minute to go, Burak shot low on the ankle and scored his takedown, but Kennedy was able to quickly escape and retake a 4-3 lead. Burak had a leg with 10 seconds left, but Kennedy was able to stay away and take the 4-3 win.

285 - No. 1 Zach Rey scored first on Kyle Cowan, taking him down with 2:15 to go in the first period. Cowan was able to escape with 1:45 left to score his first point. Rey scored again with 23 seconds left in the period, tripping Cowan's legs and pouncing. In the second, Cowan was called for locked hands, adding a point to Rey's total and making it 5-1. Rey was able to get his escape with 15 seconds left in the period off a restart to take a 6-1 lead. Cowan chose top for the third and Rey was able to escape in short time to take a 7-1 lead. Cowan shot a double, but Rey was able to counter and get the takedown instead with 1:00 left. Cowan was able to escape with 40 seconds left to make it 9-2 which was the final score.

No. 10 Lehigh def. Penn, 35-4
125 - No. 17 Mark Rappo (Penn) def. Mitch Berger (Lehigh), 14-6 (Penn leads, 4-0)
133 - No. 17 Frank Cagnina (Lehigh) def. No. 6 Rollie Peterkin (Penn), 5-2 (Penn leads, 4-3)
141 - Stephen Dutton (Lehigh) def. No. 10 Zack Kemmerer (Penn), 8-7 (Lehigh leads, 6-4)
149 - Joey Napoli (Lehigh) def. Andrew Lenzi (Penn), 10-2 (Lehigh leads, 10-4)
157 - Sean Bilodeau (Lehigh) def. Brad Wukie (Penn), FALL 0:23 (Lehigh leads, 16-4)
165 - No. 19 Brandon Hatchett (Lehigh) def. Gabriel Burak (Penn), 7-2 (Lehigh leads, 19-4)
174 - No. 10 Austin Meys (Lehigh) def. Scott Giffin (Penn) Inj. Default 6:04 (Lehigh leads, 25-4)
184 - No. 4 Robert Hamlin (Lehigh) def. Erich Smith (Penn), 12-4 (Lehigh leads, 29-4)
197 - No. 19 Joe Kennedy (Lehigh) def. No. 5 Micah Burak (Penn), 4-3 (Lehigh leads, 32-4)
285 - No. 1 Zach Rey (Lehigh) def. Kyle Cowan (Penn), 9-2 (Lehigh leads, 35-4)