Wrestling Downs Brown; Edged at Harvard

PROVIDENCE, R.I. - After a tough start to the day in Cambridge with a 23-19 loss to Harvard, Penn stormed back for a 30-7 win in Providence over Brown.

The Quakers won eight bouts against the Bears, with major decisions from Troy Hernandez, Lorenzo Thomas and Micah Burak to go with sudden victory wins by Geoffrey Bostany and Ian Korb. Mark Pinero and Bryan Ortenzio each had a decision while Steven Graziano picked up a win by forfeit.

After Ortenzio, Bostany and Pinero each secured decisions to get Penn a 9-4 lead, Hernandez started the bonus points with a convincing 10-2 win over Max Lewin. Hernandez had a big five-point move in the first period, nearly scoring the fall with a headlock, but the shoulder position had Lewin outside the circle. Hernandez then spaced things out with reversals in both the second and third period.

Thomas scored his second bonus-point win of the day with a 14-4 major decision over Pat Labuz. The first period was very close, with Thomas leading just 5-4 after a late reversal from Labuz. In the second period, Thomas scored five points on a takedown into a cradle to widen the gap. He worked for the fall, but couldn't untangle Labuz arms from above his head and get the shoulders down on the mat.

At 174, Ian Korb put together Penn's sixth win in a row with a 7-5 win in sudden victory over David Foxen. Korb had led, 5-2, late in the third period, but an escape and takedown with three seconds left tied the match. In the process of the tying takedown, Foxen was cut and needed blood time. That break slowed his momentum and Korb pounced off the whistle in overtime for the winning score just seven seconds in.

Micah Burak closed the win for Penn with a 15-4 major decision over Marcos Aranda. Burak was dominant with five takedowns and three nearfall points to cruise to his second win with bonus points on the day.

Bonus points early at 125 and late at 174 were enough for Harvard to defeat Penn on Saturday morning, 23-19. The Quakers trailed, 12-0, after the first three matches, and that deficit was too much for the Red and Blue to overcome despite a 19-12 advantage over the final seven matches.

The swing match was the 133-pound bout between No. 12 Steven Keith and No. 14 Bryan Ortenzio. The two had split a pair of previous meetings, and despite an early takedown from Ortenzio in the first period, Keith prevailed in the rubber match, 6-2. Ortenzio was ahead, 2-1, after two periods, but a locked hands call while on top position in the third period turned the tide in Keith's favor. Ortenzio optioned out Keith to make the score 3-2 in favor of the Crimson wrestler with 55 seconds to go. Before Ortenzio could strike to take the lead, Keith came in for a takedown that made the score 5-2 and secured the bout.

With Steve Robertson out of the lineup, and Mark Pinero bumped into the starting spots at 149 and picked up his first collegiate dual-match win with a 12-1 major decision over Patrick Hogan. That was the first of four wins for the Red and Blue, and coupled with a first-period fall from Lorenzo Thomas got Penn back in the dual after six bouts, 15-10.

Ian Korb came out firing at 174, looking to bring the Quakers even closer, scoring the first takedown of his match early in the opening period. However, Josh Popple countered with a reversal to a pair of backpoints midway through the period and then added three more nearfall points in the final ten seconds by using an attempted Korb reversal against him. That swing sent Korb off his game in the second period as Popple chose top and continued the onslaught with a series of tilts until securing the tech fall.

The Quakers were still within reach of the win with three bouts to go, but an Erich Smith loss to Cameron Croy in a tiebreaker sealed Penn's first loss to Harvard since 1990. Both wrestlers only managed an escape in regulation, and after a scoreless sudden victory period Croy was able to keep Smith down in the first period of rideouts before escaping 15 seconds into the second period for the 2-1 win.

Unable to claim the dual, Penn managed to win the final two matches. First, Micah Burak worked over Bryan Panzano for six minutes, scoring six takedowns and three backpoints before throwing Panzano to his back to end the match at 6:00. To finish the dual, Steven Graziano won his fourth dual match in a row since returning to the lineup, 3-2, over David Ng.

Penn def. Brown, 30-7
125 - Billy Waterson (BU) MD Karim Shafi (Penn), 20-6 Brown leads, 4-0
133 - #15 Bryan Ortenzio (Penn) DEC T.J. Popolizio (BU), 8-1 Brown leads, 4-3
141 - Geoffrey Bostany (Penn) DEC Grant Overcashier (BU), 8-6 (SV) Penn leads, 6-4
149 - Mark Pinero (Penn) DEC Ricky Bailey (BU), 9-5 Penn leads, 9-4
157 - Troy Hernandez (Penn) MD Max Lewin (BU), 10-1 Penn leads, 13-4
165 - Lorenzo Thomas (Penn) MD Pat Labuz (BU), 14-4 Penn leads, 17-4
174 - Ian Korb (Penn) DEC David Foxen (BU), 7-5 (SV) Penn leads, 20-4
184 - Ophir Bernstein (BU) DEC Erich Smith (Penn), 10-3 Penn leads, 20-7
197 - #9 Micah Burak (Penn) MD Marcos Aranda (BU), 15-4 Penn leads, 24-7
285 - Steven Graziano (Penn) Win by Forfeit, Penn leads, 30-7

125 - Waterson shoots off the whistle and gets the takedown ten seconds in. 0-2. Shafi escapes one minute later. 1-2. Off the start, Watterson with a double leg for a takedown. 1-4. Option escape. 2-4. Shafi with a duck-under attempt that is countered for a takedown. 2-6. Optional escape. 3-6. Takedown for Watterson. 3-8. Optional escape. 4-8. Takedown on a low single for Watterson. 4-10. SECOND PERIOD: Shafi with 40 seconds of riding before Watterson can escape. 4-11. Takedown Watterson on a re-shot. 4-13. Escape Shafi. 5-13. THIRD PERIOD: Optional escape Shafi. 6-13. Low double for Watterson. 6-15. Injury time for Shafi, Watterson chooses bottom. Escape Watterson. 6-16. High crotch Watterson. 6-18. Two stall warnings on Shafi for a point. 6-19. Riding time for Watterson. 6-20.

133 - Ortenzio with a takedown at 0:17. 2-0. Poploizio escapes after 1:07 of riding for Ortenzio. 2-1. Scramble off a Poploizio shot leads to a stalemate with 30 seconds left. Ortenzio ducks under for a high crotch and connects with 5 seconds left. 4-1. SECOND PERIOD: Caution on Ortenzio on a restart. A second caution issued to Ortenzio with one minute left in second. Ortenzio with a full two-minute ride. THIRD PERIOD: Stalemate called with 1:01 to go in the match, Ortenzio almost out. Ortenzio escapes with 30 seconds left. 5-1. Ortenzio counters a shot attempt and circles for takedown. 7-1. Riding time. 8-1.

141 - Overcashier scores first 20 seconds in. 0-2. Bostany gets his escape 22 seconds later. 1-2. Takedown off a scramble for Overcashier. 1-4. Reversal off a roll through by Bostany with 25 seconds left in the period. 3-4. SECOND PERIOD: Bostany escapes to start and then blasts a double for his first takedown of the match. 6-4. Bostany rides out. THIRD PERIOD: Off a scramble, Overcashier is awarded a takedown with three seconds left to tie the match. 6-6. SUDDEN VICTORY: Bostany with the winning takedown at 7:39 for the win.

149 - Pinero with good defense, battling 25 seconds on one leg before kicking out. Takedown off a scramble for Pinero, and he finds three backpoints. 5-0. SECOND PERIOD: Escape off the whistle for Pinero. 6-0. THIRD PERIOD: Bailey escapes at 5:45. 6-1. Bailey adds a takedown on a low single at 6:20. 6-3. Optional escape Pinero. 7-3. Single leg takedown for Bailey. Escape Pinero. 8-5. Riding time for Pinero. 9-5.

157 - Hernandez with a takedown at 0:45 and gets three backpoints. Close to the fall with a headlock, but Lewin gets shoulders out of bounds. 5-0. Lewin escapes late in period. 5-1. SECOND PERIOD: Hernandez swims through for a reversal midway through the second period. 7-1. THIRD PERIOD: Lewin chooses top. Hernandez with another reversal at 5:57. 9-1. Riding time for Hernandez (2:44) 10-1.

165 - Labuz scores nine seconds in on a quick shot. 0-2. Thomas escapes in 20 seconds and then scores his own blast double. 3-2. Two nearfall on a cross-wrist for Thomas. 5-2. Reversal for Labuz with 11 seconds left. 5-4. SECOND PERIOD: Thomas with a quick escape. 6-4. Takedown and then three nearfall on a cradle for Thomas. 11-4. THIRD PERIOD: Takedown Thomas at 5:15. 13-4. 4:18 of riding time makes it 14-4.

174 - Single leg and a trip for Korb at 1:45 gets the first takedown. 2-0. Foxen escapes at 2:10. 2-1. SECOND PERIOD: Korb hit with stalling, but escapes at 4:00. 3-1. THIRD PERIOD: Foxen escapes in five seconds. 3-2. Takedown Korb on a high double at 5:48. 5-2. Escape for Foxen. 5-3. Foxen wins a tie and throws Korb to the mat for a takedown. 5-5. SUDDEN VICTORY: Off the whistle, Korb powers in and scores in seven seconds. 7-5.

184 - Bernstein with a takedown at 1:20 and Smith then escapes. 1-2. Bernstein then pulls Smith down on the edge of the mat, getting the takedown. 1-4. Stalling on Bernstein for pushing Smith off the mat. SECOND PERIOD: Bernstein chooses bottom and escapes. 1-5. THIRD PERIOD: Smith chooses neutral and shoots in for a takedown but is reversed shortly after. 3-7. Off a restart, Bernstein gets two backpoints. 3-9. Riding time Bernstein. 3-10.

197 - Burak gets the first takedown midway through the first period. 2-0. SECOND PERIOD: Aranda escapes at 3:55. 2-1. Burak shoots low to the left ankle and scores a takedown. 4-1. Aranda escapes. 4-2. Takedown off a scramble for Burak. 6-2. THIRD PERIOD: Burak escapes 10 seconds into the period. 7-2. Low sweep single for Burak. 9-2. Escape Aranda. 9-3. Takedown on a headlock countering an Aranda shot and three nearfall. 14-3. Escape Aranda. 14-4. 3:31 of riding time Burak. 15-4.

Harvard Def. Penn, 23-19
125 - Max Mejia (HU) WBF Karim Shafi (Penn), 0:59 Harvard leads, 6-0
133 - #12 Steven Keith (HU) DEC #14 Bryan Ortenzio (Penn), 6-2 Harvard leads, 9-0
141 - Shay Warren (HU) DEC Geoffrey Bostany (Penn), 7-3 Harvard leads, 12-0
149 - Mark Pinero (Penn) MD Patrick Hogan (HU), 12-1 Harvard leads, 12-4
157 - #4 Walter Peppelman (HU) DEC Troy Hernandez (Penn), 5-2 Harvard leads, 15-4
165 - Lorenzo Thomas (Penn) WBF Ian Roy (HU), 1:58 Harvard leads, 15-10
174 - Josh Popple (HU) Tech. Fall Ian Korb (Penn), 18-2 Harvard leads, 20-10
184 - Cameron Croy (HU) DEC Erich Smith (Penn), 2-1 (TB) Harvard leads, 23-10
197 - #9 Micah Burak (Penn) WBF Bryan Panzano (HU), 6:00 Harvard leads, 23-16
285 - Steven Graziano (Penn) DEC David Ng (HU), 3-2 Harvard leads, 23-19

Penn vs. Harvard Match-By-Match
125 - Off a shot, Mejia scores a neutral fall at 0:51

133 - Ortenzio pushes the issue off the start and wins a scramble at 0:33. 2-0. Off a restart, Keith escapes. 2-1. Ortenzio half-shoots a double, Keith defends to a stalemate with 10 seconds left. SECOND PERIOD: Keith rides first 53 seconds before a stalemate is called. Off the restart, Ortenzio rolls over to top, but no reversal called. Stalling warning issued to Keith. Full ride for Keith. THIRD PERIOD: After Ortenzio lessens riding time under a minute he is called for locked hands. 2-2 Ortenzio options Keith out with 0:55 left. Takedown Keith at 6:15. Add riding time for Keith. 6-2

141 - Warren scores first on a quick takedown. 0-2. Bostany escapes 17 seconds later. 1-2. Second takedown on a double for Warren. 1-4. Reversal on the edge for Bostany. 3-4. SECOND PERIOD: Full ride for Warren. THIRD PERIOD: Reversal for Warren at 6:15. 3-6. Add riding time. 3-7

149 - Mark Pinero scores first on a double leg at 0:20. 2-0. Off a restart, Pinero with a big lift and return for three backpoints. 5-0. Off a bow and arrow, add three more backs for Pinero. 8-0. SECOND PERIOD: Escape Pinero at 3:24. Takedown on a low single off a headlock by Pinero. 11-0. Escape Hogan. 11-1. THIRD PERIOD: Add 2:53 of riding time for a 12-1 win.

157 - Hernandez with the first takedown, countering a Peppelman headlock. 2-0. Peppelman escapes after 37 seconds of riding. 2-1. SECOND PERIOD: Peppelman chooses top and scores three backpoints off a power half. 2-4. Stall warning on Hernandez with 1-0 seconds left. THRID PERIOD: Neutral start from Hernandez, but no scoring. Add riding time for Peppelman, 2-5.

165 - Thomas wins a scramble to a takedown and two backpoints at 0:17 4-0. He then runs a bar, reinforcing it for the fall at 1:58

174 - Korb blasts off the start, scoring 10 seconds in. 2-0. Reversal for Popple at 1:13 and then two backpoints. 2-4. With 10 seconds left, Korb tries to swim out and swims onto his back and gives up three backpoints. 2-7.SECOND PERIOD: Popple chooses top and gets two backs, then three on a cross wrist. Then two more backpoints allowed. And two more for a tech fall, 2-19.

184 - Smith fights off a Croy shot in the first minute to out of bounds. Caution on Croy off a neutral restart with 10 seconds left. SECOND PERIOD: Croy chooses bottom. Croy escapes at 3:15. 0-1. Smith has a single, but can't finish at 3:48. THIRD PERIOD: Smith chooses bottom. Smith escapes at 5:21. 1-1. SUDDEN VICTORY: Cory with one shot, Smith fights off. TIEBREAKER: Smith goes down for the first period. Croy throws in legs and rides the full 30. Escape for Croy off a restart with 15 seconds left. 1-2.

197 - Takedown Burak at 0:33, scoring on a shrug and go-behind. 2-0. Stall warning on Panzano. Second stall on Panzano for a point to Burak. 3-0. SECOND PERIOD: Low single and dump for Burak. 5-0. Escape Panzano. 5-1. Takedown Burak. 7-1. Escape Panzano off a restart. 7-2. Takedown on a three-quarters for Burak and add three backpoints. 12-2. THIRD PERIOD: Takedown Burak and escape Panzano. 14-3. Takedown Burak, pushing him to the mat. 16-3. Off a restart, Burak with a throw to the fall at 6:00.

285 - Steven Graziano with the opening takedown at 0:24. 2-0. Ng escapes after 28 seconds. 2-1. SECOND PERIOD: Ng escapes five seconds into the second period. 2-2. THIRD PERIOD: Graziano out quickly in three seconds. 3-2. Graziano with a few shot attempts in closing 30 seconds to keep Ng away.